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Dustin Jorgesen

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In Topic: 7character file naming errors

22 May 2002 - 04:38 PM

We are able to create files with the same first seven characters. I can create a file called TESTFIL and then TESTFILE. Then if I used TESTFIL and TESTFILE alternates 1 it will try to create the same file. The problem is that I am able to do this, not that I am unable.


In Topic: GUI Client version 5.00 build 302

29 April 2002 - 05:03 PM

My only problems with 302 so far are that it doesn't remember my colors. I have changed a maroon to a greenish color and everytime I save it sets it back to maroon. I have not had any problems working with it otherwise.

In Topic: Problem with Combobox display in Paging

17 April 2002 - 04:15 PM

In case anyone else runs into this problem we eventually solved this by updating our GUI client version to 308.


In Topic: Logical Screen Modes in PRO-IV 5.5

17 April 2002 - 03:17 PM

I had a similar problem. I finallywas able to get into change mode my entering change mode in the calling screen and then when called I could use change mode.

In Topic: on

03 April 2002 - 07:26 PM

Ok, can try that, We are also running Glovia and I think they modified a few bootstrap definitons such as SLQDET. Anyone know if the Task definiton files have been modified?