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Numeric field display

21 March 2005 - 05:24 AM


I can not figure out how a numeric field on my screen has been rounded. Here are what I 've got:

Table called TEST with 2 columns:
F1 varchar2(1) (key)
TEST_P4 number(14,5)

This row is stored in the table: F1=A TEST_P4 = 999999999.92121

PROIV file also called TEST with 2 variables:
F1 Alpha (1)
TEST_P4 Numeric (16) Display code 9.5-

On my screen, the field TEST_P4 has the same length and display code. But for some reason, TEST_P4 is displayed as 999999999.92100 instead of 999999999.92121. I can not understand how it 's been rounded to 3 decimal places.

In PROIV, I map the variable to its table column with external format as S9.5.

Any idea what is wrong with this ?



Client GUI V5.5

17 March 2005 - 03:46 AM


If you 're using Client GUI v5.5 and using Security Prompt window, there is an option (Check Box) to remember Username / Password, how this option can be disabled or removed completely ? The reason for doing so is because if users check this box, this poses security risk to production application.

Any other suggestion for alternatives ?

Very Appreciated.


Record Locked

04 January 2005 - 12:15 AM

I have a proisam file which was locked on a particular record due to a crash (core file dump) on the function which updates the file.

Although I have ensured that all dead sessions have been terminated, the next day I 've tried to update on the same record, it is still locked. What I could do to clear the locking is exporting out the records in the file, recreate the file, then importing the records back in. But this should only be the last option.

Does anyone know how to look for the locking and clear it ? There must be some kind of a defunct function still memorised somewhere.


Function keys in superlayer

20 December 2004 - 05:14 AM

Hi world, please help.

We 're upgrading from Superlayer from ver 4.5 to 5.5 and also upgrading hardware to IBM AIX. I 'm using Keaterm terminal emulator and having problem with the function keys, like F4 for lookup, F5 to add. Any idea how to define these function keys ? We used to have DEC Digital and same emulator, they work fine.


Batch Queue

03 December 2004 - 02:00 AM

Anyone using batch queue in superlayer functions ?

If so, have you ever experienced with functions running in batch queue always exitting to the previous calling function regardless of what is set in the exit link ?

Here is what I 've got in my function:

|------------------------- Revision Control Numbers -------------------------|
|SuperLayer Revision: 4.000000 Release: 22.000 Function Revision: 6.42000 |
| |
|------------------------------ Link Functions ------------------------------|
|Exit Link < SELPIMPS Error Link< SELPIMPS |
|Security Link< Level : |
| |
|------------------------------ Batch Options -------------------------------|
|Queue ID: y Priority: 1 Release Terminal?: |

The function never exits to 'SELPIMPS' screen.

Thanks in advance.