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Actual VMS command PRO-IV uses when accessing a VMS file

03 February 2011 - 07:14 AM


Can anyone please tell me the actual VMS command PRO-IV uses when accessing a file? We are on open VMS 7.3-2 and Pro-IV 5.5 Rev 3.0.8 and experiencing new file access problems intermittently. The system has not been modified in anyway - Kernel, Hardware etc, but the error has just started to appear for some reason.

I can't remember the specific command it executes for each file mode.

It is always 'ERROR IN OPENING FILE - FILENAME (10014)'. I know 10014 says it is to do with Virtual address but the file exists and is generally accessible.

This has happened on random files and the files are in various modes, L,A,D etc.