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06 May 2004 - 02:00 PM


interesting comment froms some people. The one's who support me I thank you. the one's who don't, well you never have so there's no change there. I have a pretty good idea who's who as well.

The person who said I wasn't blacklisted and should have keep quiet.. can I just say this - I've kept quiet for the last 17 months and have been told recently by around 5 different agencies that I AM BLACKLISTED because of such and such..

Infact I've contacted the AGENCY / COMPANY in question directly and effectively been told " I'll never work for them". So whoever said I wasn't blacklisted I'd like to know who told you that.

I did want to stay quiet over this whole issue because like I said in my posts I'm not bitter at these people, if they wish to be petty and so forth then that's their choice - all I'm asking for is to be allowed to get on with my life and get back to work.

I've applied for other positions and almost got some but then found out that said AGENCY/COMPANY have people placed there and suprise suprise I don't get the job.

The reason I posted in the first place was because of some of the things I was reading on this board and what I have been told be other agencies. enough just became enough.

My apologies to Mr. Morgan for using and abusing his thread and I hope he did get some good candidates from all of this.

to Concerned of Bromley - I don't actually want to go back, I wanted to go to another site where this AGENCY / COMPANY is preferred supplier.

I've actually been contacted by the MANAGER of the old site directly asking me to come back, but then the AGENCY refused to put my CV forward and the MANAGER didn't want to cause any problems so I wasn't able to go back.

Seems I've no choice but to say farwell to my PRO-IV life (I have 14 years experience in the field) because the PRO-IV world is in reality very small.

I hope the one's behind this are happy.


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27 April 2004 - 02:25 PM


Don't wish to say anymore.

1, because I can't be bothered entering into a bitch fight with one or several people, because I sure they are reading this and have figured out who I am.

2, I tried to do my best for the company that contracted me and I think I did. I mean I was there 7 years so I must have done something right while I was there. So, it's not my fault some agency tried to fob off muppets on a continuing basis to the company I was contracted to...

Let's just say none of this would have ever happened if some of the contractor's supplied by this agency could have done half of what the agency told the Client they could do. Some were supposed to be PRO-IV experts and didn't EVEN know what PRO-IV was!!!!

And the only reason this was an issue for me (besides having everyone around me complaining and moaning about it to me) was that it generated more and more work for myself and other collegues. Which we didn't need.

Don't get me wrong, not everyone supplied by this agency was a muppet, so of them were very capable and could actually do what the agency said and some of them I even consider(ed) close friends although we don't keep in touch very much anymore

Again, like I said I'm not bitter so I don't see the need to go into anymore detail.

End of Story.. Good day and thankyou for listening.

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27 April 2004 - 01:45 PM

I'm not gonna go into details. Lets just say that apparently you only need to get on the wrong side of one person and that's it, your dead.. I've been told by several third parties that I'm not the only one who's suffered from telling this muppet exactly what he is...

Plus, i'm sure some of the people from the site visit here and will tell you the complete opposite from what I would have to say, so it ain't worth it...

All I know is that arsehole's like them always get what they deserve.

Basically, I said what I felt (and what other people keep complaining to me about) and that's a Big NO NO is the arena. Didn't help that I had 6-12 people behind me egging me on and moaning to me about this and that day after bloody day, but then again I was apparently stabbed in the back by alot of these so called friends when my contract ended..

I'm not bitter, not at all. I would just like to be allowed to get back into work and get on with my life.

But that seems to be too much to ask!

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27 April 2004 - 10:33 AM

A rather funny thread here.. very interesting to see some of the new users on the board - BS Bruce - Benty..

Christ, we even have people being trained by Gina... GOD help us..


I'd like to comment on the reply about being 'Branded for life'. I for sure can say this exists because I am a Pro-IV specialist with 14 years experience and 7 years experience of ISIS and I CANNOT even get an Interview for these contracts - Why? - Well because I rocked the boat apparently with the agency responsible for these sites and will never work there again and I have NEVER worked for this agency in the past which is nice!

I have now been out of work for over a year... I cannot believe some people can be so petty in life!

And yes, the comment about they take a friend of a friend rather than the best candidate is without a soub true..