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Developers Wanted

29 July 2003 - 02:02 PM

MSA Focus International are looking for 2 ProIV software developers to be based in their Cardiff, Wales office. CVs are invited from all skill levels of developers.

We use ProIV v5.5 (Developer Studio) with an ActiveX front-end on Oracle & Sequel.

Please send CVs or questions by e-mail to lhitchings@msafocus.com. Website : www.msafocus.com

Linux vs W2000 Server vs Unix

24 July 2003 - 09:36 AM

We have to evaluate Linux 7.3/Oracle 8.1.7 on an Intel-based server for a new client.

Our early (fairly primitive) benchmarks show that Linux works faster than W2000 server but when compared to a Sun Solaris server installation it does not fare as well. Unfortunately we're not comparing like for like as regards chips/memory/disk speed etc. so the benchmarks are not really representative.

Question : Does anyone out there have any experience of porting ProIV 5.5 to a linux environment?
If so what sort of performance and reliability have you seen compared to your original installation.

We are not limited to Linux for this project but scalability and flexibility are issues - we need a solution that will work for large clients and very small ones. Hence the reason we're looking at Linux.

Also, we've seen a couple of teething problems with this release (e.g. SQL embedded SELECT statement with primary file in 'D' mode deletes all records on the file - not just the ones selected by the SQL!!). Does anyone else have any biggies like that we should watch out for?

Thanks in advance