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In Topic: Linux vs W2000 Server vs Unix

01 August 2003 - 09:37 AM

Chris's point is correct, but when we compared prices on a non-enterprise edition Oracle with Sequel recently, we found that a 25-user Oracle environment on Unix worked out at 5,000 quid and a Sequel at 8,000 quid.

In Topic: Linux vs W2000 Server vs Unix

31 July 2003 - 10:11 AM

Hi Sven/Bob (whichever is applicable)

Thanks for the feedback on your experiences with Linux. This is exactly the sort of feedback that i was hoping for. We've been on Linux 7.3/Oracle 8 for a month now and things seem pretty stable. What versions of O/S, hardware and database were you running on ???

I way I see it is that Linux is essentially the same as Unix. But in our ProIV world, we are limited in that we have to run on intel-based hardware. Therefore we can't benefit from the performance advantages of faster servers as you would if you selected say, a high-end HP unix server.

I wonder if ProIV are considering supporting Linux on other chips. 3rd parties such as IBM/HP etc are already providing Linux-based alternatives. Are ProIV going to follow suit and support not-intel Linux environments ???

We are considering Linux because it is scalable and enables us to have a top-end solution and a low cost solution on the same O/S. This is important for our target market.

but thanks again for the feedback - does anyone else out there have bad experiences with ProIV/Linux ???