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Transitioning Bus & Tasks to V6 Gateway

18 June 2008 - 04:38 PM

Hey folks.

I am transitioning from version 5 to 6, and I have a system that uses a bunch of bus & task calls to talk back and forth between a Linux Server and a Windows server. I have the Gateway set up on the Linux server through the Control Panel, however I have no idea where to begin with the actual task calls.

I used to call them through system logic statements like this:

$SYSCALL = '/usr/bin/p4task /task:IPADDRESS:TASKNAME /env:WINENV' /user:WINUSER:WINPWD /oper:TSKOPERATOR:TSKPWRD /codiv:SHA 1> /dev/null 2> /dev/null'

And then run a system call on $SYSCALL.

I haven't found any documentation on how to actually make a task call through V6 and the Gateway, and ProIV is not responding to my support calls. Any tips on where to look?

Thanks in advance.

GUI Screens and Fonts

13 March 2006 - 03:04 PM

Hey everyone,

My company is in the process of creating some screens that are GUI-only basically for the first time using VIP's functionality. In doing this, I've come to an issue that we have had in the past, and never resolved.

We have always used "terminal" fonts for all our screen fonts...display field, current field, formats, etc. We did this because we had screens in both greenscreen and GUI, and the terminal font lines up exactly where the greenscreen font lines up, obviously. But now that we are doing some GUI-only screens I want to start using nicer looking fonts, especially in the smooth paging sections of the screens.

However, when I start changing the fonts around and using proportional fonts, things get really wonky on our screens. I have a couple issues I am wrestling with:

1. It is very difficult to line up screen field tags the way we used to using terminal fonts.

2. A lot of the fonts look way too small, and when you enlarge the fonts using the A icon in the toolbar, the fonts look better, but the screen display gets way too wide. It would be fine on a 1064 x 768 or higher display, but our customers will most likely be in smaller display modes.

3. I have had major headaches using Forms Designer...crashes and even having a function not work after leaving Forms Designer. We are converting very complex legacy functions, so I think the save process from Forms Designer is having problems dealing with them.

Anyone been through any of this? And if so, do you have suggestions about what fonts to use to make the transition easier, and/or any tips on making our screens look more modern?



Questions about Pro-IV's gui-izing services

20 November 2003 - 03:02 PM


We have a potential sale that would depend on our system being completely optimized in GUI with the most Windows-based potential possible. Being a smaller company with limited programming man-hours, we are looking into having Pro-IV gui-ize our application for us, and lumping in that cost into the price for our customer.

Does anyone out there have experience with this? We are interested in knowing how long the turnaround time was - how long it took Pro-IV to get to the project, and how long the project itself took. Also we are interested in knowing how satisfied you were with the end result.

Thank you,

Matthew Brand
Data Systems

Report footer using Rpt Header ID 'F'

08 May 2003 - 03:06 PM

I have a report that I would like to print a footer on every page, and thus I am using the Report Header 'F'. It works properly for every page, except the last page. It does not print on the very bottom of the last page, but skips a page, and prints on the bottom of a blank page after the last report page. I believe the cause of this is another report header, '1', which is at a control break for the end of the report. However, I am using absolute line numbers, and cannot see why this should not work.

Any ideas?

Matthew Brand
Data Systems Inc.
Burlington, VT