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In Topic: Transitioning Bus & Tasks to V6 Gateway

20 June 2008 - 01:59 PM

Great. Thank you. I got it now. Now I am able to successfully call a task in codiv PTI.

However, no task calls are working for me in my customer's codiv. Not on their server, not on our copy of their system here at our office. I am testing it by trying to run the Pro4 test task, TK_Z_TASKREP. It runs perfectly fine with PTI, but when you replace PTI with another codiv, it gives the following error:

Error 51: p4ExecTask: EXEC 'TK_Z_TASKREP' returned non-zero kernel status -1, reason 3, sub-error -1

Error 51: p4ExecTask: EXEC 'TK_Z_TASKREP' returned non-zero kernel status -1, reason 3, sub-error -1
[EXEC didn't send a status variables list]
p4ExecTask failed: Last Error 51, StatusCode -1, FailReason 3, SubError -1

The weird thing is that we even tried starting from scratch, created a whole new environment with a new boot and data area, and a new Gateway that points to it. Then I copied PTI/TSK to my new environment, deactivated the old Gateway, and started the new one. And it still fails. On a totally bare bones boot and data area.

Anyone run into a similar issue?

In Topic: Application.PagingModel

16 March 2006 - 02:04 PM

Thanks for the reply. I actually figured out a workaround.

What I do is have a counter when doing the file reads in the smooth paging screen. When the counter is at 1, I save the keys in some scratch vars. Then when the counter gets to be as large as the size of the paging screen length, I reset the counter to 0.

When a user hits a button I use the keys saved in the scratch vars instead of the actual keys that the screen is sitting on. It works for all situations, when the user first enters the screen, when the page up and down, and when they just click on a record.

In Topic: GUI Screens and Fonts

15 March 2006 - 07:33 PM

Thanks for the advice Lew. That will be useful to us when we are moving our whole accounting application to GUI. However, at this point, I am only developing a small interface for an portion of employees (salespeople) for an existing customer. It is a great starting point for us, because it gets me familiar with the workings of some of the GUI objects, while not being overwhelming in scope.

Darren - the text box property is exactly what I was looking for. I always had trouble aligning the fonts for headings, and that takes care of it. Thanks so much!


In Topic: Application.PagingModel

14 March 2006 - 06:05 PM


Its not actually for a selection screen. Let me briefly describe the application, and it may become clear what I'm trying to do.

I have a customer record. The main customer information appears on the top section of the screen. The customer transaction details appear in a paging screen in the bottom section of the screen. I want the user to be able to pop up a couple different windows (invoice details, etc) that relate to the records on the bottom of the screen. So the user highlights the record of choice from below, clicks the "invoice details" button.

Like I said, it works for the most part, except for when first displayed, or when paging up and down, where the file read is done on the last record, but the first record is highlighted.

In Topic: Application.PagingModel

14 March 2006 - 05:25 PM

I have another question along the same lines as above.

When a smooth paging screen first displays, the first record is highlighted. However, the actual file read has been last done on the last record on the screen. If a function key, triggered by a button, is hit leaving this first record highlighted, the data that can be passed to function key actions is still the last record on the screen even though the first record is highlighted.

This is not a problem once the user clicks on a record, as the record they click on gets read, and therefore the record they have highlighted is now the current read.

The same problem occurs when paging up and down on the smooth paging screen. The first record is left highlighted, but the last record on the screen is the current file read.

Anyone have tips to deal with this? I can do a object.CurPagingSequence to get the proper current paging sequence number, but I cannot get the rest of the data from the line of that sequence. I also tried painting the screen initially with HighlightRecord turned off, so that the user must click a record to highlight it, forcing the file read, but I cannot then turn on HighlightRecord once the smooth paging screen object is painted.