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Brad Bender

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In Topic: Display Attributes

15 January 2002 - 11:18 PM

Having the (n) explained put me on the right path. That and actually having data in the file I was testing this on. Thanks for clearing that up for me. It seems to work great with my terminal emulator and displays exactly as requested. Thanks again.

In Topic: Numeric Identifier of Current LS / File

08 January 2002 - 11:16 PM

Thanks Rob! This works in 4.0 as well.

In Topic: SYSTEM command

03 May 2001 - 05:41 PM

Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I have employed both methods, each with success. Apology to Ralph for my sardonic response (was working with client who likes to pull up a chair and watch me type - not too relaxed that day). Thanks again to all!

In Topic: SYSTEM command

27 April 2001 - 05:04 PM

Wow, what a great idea! You're a real whiz Ralphie boy. If I had a GUI Client manual that would be real easy, but seeing as I'm on-site, at a client whose system I am less familiar with, and programs are behaving differently than I am accustomed to, it's not really that simple. Thanks all the same for your advice, but i think I'll just go back to my tea leaves...

In Topic: companies using PRO-IV who are based in Canada

04 April 2001 - 10:26 AM

We are wholesale distribution company in Ontario using Pro-IV extensively for all of our business applications.