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Kevin Bruss

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ProIV Job Searching

11 July 2003 - 09:26 PM

I'm currently residing in Lakeland, Florida and I'm interested in how
other IT professionals in the ProIV arena go about searching for jobs
outside their area. :(

I'm currently looking for ProIV/Superlayer (Chess/Glovia) work in
the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA) area.

- Are there any good online job agents?
(or are they not recommended?) ?

- Are there any recommendable agencies to go through?

- Is anyone on here in OKC looking for a Programmer/Analyst?

- Are there any recomendable resume companies to sign up with?
(I'm sure mine could use some polishing up..)

Using Redhat Linux with the MFC Client

12 May 2003 - 10:47 PM

This may be a superlayer related question, but here goes:

Has anyone had any experience installing the MFC Client on a Linux
Box (Redhat 8.0) running Wine (20020605-2)? We have installed the client successfully with wine, however our show-stopper is that the windows telnet.exe does not seem to function properly under any version of wine.

The Client we're using is Ver 5.0, Build302.
The ProIV Kernel is 4.6 Rev2.1.6

Any suggestions, tips, tricks, or advice on a good shrink (w00t)
would be greatly appreciated.

Using a Blob in an editbox

02 April 2003 - 04:48 PM

One of the limitations observed with a GUI over text environment with superlayer is the inability to cut and page a large text block (ie, from an email) into a paging area (ie, for notes/comments). :x:

Has anyone experimented with using Blobs and editboxes? I know they can hold up to 2gig each, but am curious how to set it up. I tried creating a table with a blob ("B" type) and did the external interface, but the file only allows 4 characters for length (far short of 10 for 2000000000!) The logic guide is very brief on the implementation of Blobs, making me wonder if its not really supported. :unsure:

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.