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20 March 2006 - 08:54 PM

It may be slick, but I dare you to compare your report times..

We had a glovia function that was using Amount fields (Global for AMTPREC) and a 30 minute job
was reduced to <2 mins by using a display mask of '$$$,$$$,$$9.99-' in all of the display fields and display
fields of hdrs (replacing 11.2- and &$11.2- references)

A workaround to use the global logic you created may be to call it once to fetch the 'format' for the scratch
variable that gets used in the display fields and not use the global logic continuously in the report.

In Topic: ORACLE Error in SL

20 March 2006 - 08:32 PM

We had an issue once with a corrupt scratch table spec; try regenning the table and determine if its oracle and SL specs are the same/correct.

Try regenning the table and functions to see if it helps.

In Topic: Ideas Needed: Solutions for entering Comments

20 March 2006 - 08:02 PM

Does the end result/solution have to be in text format? What if you had limited licenses of a editor and generated image files to be used by the users. If text were still needed, it could be added from an oracle table; or better still, search criteria could be embedded in the table to bring up relevant 'image' docs for the user(s).

This gets a bit 'uglier' but easier to maintain if say you store the said images as the uunencoded format and load-on-the-fly for the user in their window(s). That way you don' t have to 'track' the image/data on each person's pc, or god forbid use a network drive to store all the image/data files.

In theory anything is possible; implentation usually will lend whether or not its practical solution..

I'm also thinking there was an old 16bit win-app or something that was used as both a spell checker and calculator combo.. not sure if there's a new version around for xp/pro systems. It used hot keys (w/ ctrl) to bring up a small interface.
Will have to see if I can remember it or find it on some old floppy. heh.

One solution I have seen (but does not account for spell checking/wordwrap) is the usage of 'help' buttons with function IDs as keys to a text table. No pics, but was simple to maintain and local to the system. Users got a 'read only' version of the text of screen-id they were in, and admins could jump into the maint function by screen-id and update the text.