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In Topic: Monitoring ProIsam file integrity

15 November 2005 - 02:29 AM

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I had the understanding that PRO-isam files (not C-isam) is limited to 384 megs on a unix system (at least thats what the "Environment Guide 55r300.pdf" says... chapter 7, page 91).

I've done some brief testing (with v55 r323) a fair while ago now (and it's not conclusive in any way). I noticed that upon hitting the limit (somewhere between 380meg and 400meg), records are dropped (not written) into the file yet pro4 continues on processing.

Has this changed? (is there new doco somewhere?)

In Topic: USER and PROFILE in Pro4.ini

03 October 2003 - 12:46 AM

Well, I was actually hoping to get the PROFILE to work more than the USER. I was looking at using the PROFILE to catergorise groups of business users to give them different pro4 settings. It's possible to do it in their .profile, but that'd mean maintaining 300+ .profile files (rather than using their unix group and a small sh script to catergorise them into a ProIV profile).

The other reason why I'm asking is because I haven't managed to get the [USER...] or [PROFILE...] to work (have to log in with "pro -f (ini file)" instead). Just curious to see if anyone else got it working/is using it, doesn't seem many people are.

In Topic: Clustering Pro4?

15 August 2003 - 02:27 AM


Does that mean Pro4 itself doesn't act as a cluster? For example if it was a 2 node cluster, and there were 10 users on each node, then the first node fails, all the sessions connected to pro4 on that node dies?

I guess I was thinking more of Oracle 9 cluster, where even if one node was to fail, all the sessions on that node gets "moved" over and continue processing on the 2nd node.


In Topic: UNIX Installation Error

07 August 2003 - 05:50 AM


I've taken a look into that SBFOCUS thing and I must admit that I dont have all that much experience with solaris. But from all the information I can find, it does seem like you're right Rob (it's trying to use sbfocus, and since it's not there, it's failing...) I've located the kernlink file in the /pro directory of the install, it's contents:
[peruxas8]:/opt/proIV/pro#cat kernlink
ld \
crti.o  \
crt1.o  \
crtn.o \
-o $PROBIN/pro  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/main.o  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/fsgstrm.o  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libsrck.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libser.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libutil.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libp4b.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libsrcu.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/qgdbtab.o  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libsrcq.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libqutl.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/extsub.o  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/cstubs.o  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/liborac.a  \
/opt/oracle/OraHome1/lib/libclntsh.so  \
/opt/oracle/OraHome1/lib/libclient8.a  \
/opt/oracle/OraHome1/lib/libgeneric8.a  \
/opt/oracle/OraHome1/lib/libserver8.a  \
/opt/oracle/OraHome1/lib/libwtc8.so  \
/opt/oracle/OraHome1/lib/libcommon8.a  \
/opt/oracle/OraHome1/lib/libcore8.a  \
/opt/oracle/OraHome1/lib/libnls8.a  \
/opt/oracle/OraHome1/lib/libagent8.a \
-L$ORACLE_HOME/network/lib \
`cat $ORACLE_HOME/lib/sysliblist`  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/fsprisam.o  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libsrci.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/fsclib.o  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/fsprodbg.o  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libsrcfs.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libfsnet.a  \
/export/home/pro4/proIVInstall/source/libstub.a \
-lnsl \
-lsocket \
-lm \

I've also found the file libldstab in the /lib directory, but being logged in as root during the install, I dont think it's a permissions issue anymore. Guess it's time to figure out how to get sbfocus on the machine...


In Topic: UNIX Installation Error

06 August 2003 - 08:20 AM


Thanks, I'll make sure that iscollect is set as you described... but it doesn't seem to help with the installation error I'm having...

Using 5.5r217 for Solaris (64 bit)