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Stuart Burton

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Checking existence of Client Side File

11 August 2004 - 04:00 PM

Hi All,

I'm using a CLIENT.PUT to drag a file over from the Client side to the Kernel side. This works fine but if the file doesn't exist I get the clunky Pro-IV message:

(error code 22) 054 - ERROR IN OPENING FILE etc

Does anyone know of a way to check for the existence of a Client side file (so I can check it before the CLIENT.PUT and put out a nice user friendly message)?



Active X - Pressing Enter.

27 July 2004 - 02:06 PM

Hi all,

Maybe I'm missing something but it seems to me that Pro-IV doesn't deal with Active-X controls that require keyboard input too well. I've tried the RTF Editor, the Grid and the Excel Sheet but it seems that the AX doesn't respond to the Return/Enter key.

So you can edit data in a cell but when you're done you have to click to another cell with the mouse to continue.

I think that Pro-IV itself is intercepting the Return key input and not letting it through to the AX control.

Anyone else noticed this and have a solution?


Problem with site...

11 March 2003 - 02:02 PM

Hi Rob,

We are having some weird shit with your new site today. I went on to the site this afternoon and it said I was logged in as Jospeh Serra! I got Joe to log out and I did a refresh and then it showed me as being Stuart Burtonagain...Not quite sure what is going on but could have something to do with all of us being thru the same IP address?

Also, your email seems to be down at the moment!


Changes to syntax with V5.x

23 January 2003 - 03:40 PM

Hi all,

The Pro-IV manual says that CURRENTLS.ONETIME and WIDGET_MANIPULATE have been replaced (by CURRENTCYCLE.ONETIME and Property logic) and are obsolete from V5.0 onwards.

Does anyone know if they still work OK with V5.0?

Diary of a new VIP user. Part 1.

04 May 2002 - 08:58 AM

Saturday 4th May. 11:33

Ok, I was going to check out VIP and post my thoughts and feelings on the new Development Environment for Pro-IV. Unfortunately I haven't got very far...

For the last 45 minutes I've been trying to put together a flat screen reading one file and displaying a few fields. I've created a new function (that was quite a game in itself) and added a 'Cycle' (Logical screens have had another name change). Now I'd have thought that adding a simple file read would be pretty straight forward. But no, I still can't work it out. I go to the File tab, select the cycle and click the Add button on the tool bar. So far so good. A nice dialog box comes up which allows you to do a partial search for a file. I added one earlier on using the Data Management set up (unfortunately, I can't work out how to use a native file definition).

I found my file, selected it and clicked on the 'Insert Below' button. But for some reason it doesn't like that and I get an error telling me the object cannot be placed at the selected point....

As far my other impressions so far there's some nice pretty colours and icons. Some of them are a bit strange though - on the 'Events' tab where you can set up the logic for Before/After Read,Write there are some which are blue, red and green tubes with what looks like bananas in them...The mouse over informs you that they are the Before, and After Write logic points but I still can't think what the banana is all about...

I've got to say (as someone who's been using Pro-IV for 10 years now) that it's nothing like Pro-IV. I guess the idea behind it is the same but I just can't work out how to use it!

I'll post again when the urge to throw my laptop across the room has subsided...

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