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In Topic: segmentation error : coredump

24 June 2003 - 03:19 PM

Did you check to see it there were any errors in /etc/isamlog. If you don't have one, create a world writable one for the future.

Segmentation Fault is unfortunately, common in my environment. You could use a debugger to view the stack in the core dump file (Sorry I don't know aix but it would be something like 'adb' or 'dbx' in HP or Sun). This will tell you if it was ProIV or some part of your app. This is probably your best bet for tracking it down.

I have also seen this error when someone has stepped on the ProIV Shared Memory Segment; you can view that with ipcs -sob and look for the one that starts with x69. You can delete it with ipcrm and it will get recreated again when ProIV runs for the first time (make sure all ProIV processes are gone before you attempt this, especially iscollect). This MIGHT save you a reboot the next time IF this is what happened. Of course you then have to find out who/what stepped on it, and since it is usually world accessible, and that can be a chore.

hope this helps....

In Topic: ISPACK running in background

08 May 2001 - 11:54 AM

thanks...I've furthered narrowed it down to my example not working in sh but it does seem to work in ksh (again, only in Solaris). Unfortunately for me, sh is the default shell in solaris' cron (and also perl it seems!) Simple things like redirecting to /dev/null or files or even ksh -c in cron do not seem to help.

I'll post my 'fix' if I find one. Thanks again.