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In Topic: Bus and Task Error

03 August 2011 - 10:42 AM

Thanks for your reply Darren.

Issue has been resolved. The problem was that the function was creating a file and the folder in which it was creating the file didn't had "full control" option selected

By clicking that option the issue was resolved and the bus and task job got completed without any issues


In Topic: Pro IV Bus and Task Error

26 May 2011 - 07:18 AM

Hi Wim

Thanks for your response, now I get a new error message, please find the details below

E:\Test>E:\apps\P4task\P4TASK.EXE /task:localhost:5433:TK_C_EDIBUS /params:TK_AP
_CCN=BRH,TK_REVIEW_ONLY=N, /user:Redwood:Redwood /env:GSS_CST_RUN /oper:AP:AP /c
odiv TI
recvReplyHeader: sockRecv error, len -1, data d0 63 18
last WIN32 error -2 / winsock error -2: Unknown
recvReplyReqInfoBlock: sockRecv error, len -1, data 42 00 00
last WIN32 error -2 / winsock error -2: Unknown
p4OpenPro4: recv Reply failed
last WIN32 error -2 / winsock error -2: Unknown
p4OpenPro4 failed: Last Error 30, StatusCode 30, FailReason 97, SubError 97

Press any key to continue . . .

Appreciate your help


Hi Sabu,

if the machine name is not found you can specify it in the /task parameter:
E:\APPS\P4TASK\P4TASK.EXE /task:machineip:TK_C_EDIBUS /params:TK_AP_CCN=BRH,TK_REVIEW_ONLY=N, /user:Redwood:Redwood /env:GSS_PRO_RUN /oper:AP:AP /codiv:PTI

I always use the ip address of the proiv server, but a name is also supported

if that still fails, find out in the proiv control panel which port number is used for bus and tasks. you can find that setting in PROIV Gateway, gateway name, configuration.
if the Listen Port field is not 5432, specify your port number in the task parameter:
E:\APPS\P4TASK\P4TASK.EXE /task:machineip:port:TK_C_EDIBUS /params:TK_AP_CCN=BRH,TK_REVIEW_ONLY=N, /user:Redwood:Redwood /env:GSS_PRO_RUN /oper:AP:AP /codiv:PTI

hope this helps,