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In Topic: ProIV Courses?

06 October 2010 - 07:59 AM

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your reply. Already tried PROIV and they do not have any documentation or any courses.

We are in the process of moving the support of the system from me to our main 3rd party supplier (who have no PROIV).
All my knowledge is around using @MODX so I don't really want to pass the system to them and try to help them pick up VIP (when haven't even used it).

Once fully handed over then I suspect that a future move would be for them to move to VIP?


I would suggest that PROIV themselves would be your first port of call. They should still have the training material prior to developer studio/V.I.P. Talking of which, if you are on PROIV 5.5 then you could use V.I.P. (now known as PROIV Developer) and still maintian/developer your PROIV applications for character based/green screen rendition. The forms designer even has a 'green screen' mode that depicts the character based rendition. @MODX is very dated and the productivity gains with the new development tools are marked in comparison.


I work for Tata Steel UK Limited and am on the lookout for a company who carry out courses in ProIV.
The added difference is that we require a 'Green Screen' training course using @MODX.
Our system is running ProIV version 5 on SCO UNIX.
If there is anyone out there who runs these courses or knows of a company that runs them then please contact me on anthony.kelsall@tatasteel.com.

In addition, if there aren't any courses can anyone supply me with some 'Green Screen' basic course notes? Or know of any online somewhere? As a last resort (and I really hope I don't have to) I may try and run a course myself.


In Topic: Version 6.n

10 January 2008 - 01:55 PM


Dont see the point of moving from 5.5 to be honest.

Just 'tries' to force you to use VIP, and we're not going to do that.

Because of that, I think that most people will choose to stay with 5.5 IMO.


Hi Rob,

I'm currently using v.5 and will be moving to v5.5 imminently.
Following this, I was planning on attending a Northgate (/Whoever?) VIP course and then upgrade to v.6

Is v5.5 still under support with Northgate? If so, how long?
In your opinion, if most people stayed on v5.5 will Northgate continue to supply support (or as I like to think a one way Email address)?

I can't see any real benefit in moving to v.6 (at the mo) but the company (and its auditors) I work for likes the "in support" feeling ?!?


In Topic: resource needed

26 October 2006 - 08:28 PM

Or a new branch of CPL................

SAS and CPL could be the same company:

S...alaries & redundancies

Although, the one big difference is that the SAS have some directive!

In Topic: Another one bites the dust?

02 October 2006 - 08:02 PM

If Tarby's left them Del Boy is running out of people to stitch up when Intervolve goes the same way as CPL. At this rate, he's going to be stealing money off his own kids!...

I think our opinions of him are bang out of order and we should have a rethink..............

..............had a rethink and yes he would stitch up his kids! :unsure:

In Topic: Another one bites the dust?

22 September 2006 - 10:55 AM

Not sure who wrote it but I can't understand why they have logged on as a guest.
Is there anything slanderous in their comments?

Anyway, does anybody know how Del Boy and Jimmy Tarbuck are doing with their new venture / debt building exercise?