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Don't use PROIV v9 9.54.9 and earlier with SQLServer

30 March 2021 - 03:55 PM

With PROIV v9, PROIV in their wisdom removed the insertion of WITH (NOLOCK) into SQL produced from SQL ENDSQL blocks in logic so whereas this SQL SELECT column1, column2 FROM table1 ENDSQL would have produced this actual SQL SELECT column1, column2 FROM table1 WITH (NOLOCK), up to and including 9.54.9 it just made this SELECT column1, column2 FROM table1 so of course there's a fair chance you'll get a barrel load of locking problems. Not only did they do this with no prior warning, so at least you'd have some time to amend your code, they also did it with no notification in the release notes. Fortunately, someone has realised what an almight c!ck-up this is and it's supposedly being reversed in a release due very soon after me writing this on 30th March, 2021.

Write Errors with SQL Server 2016 and PROIV v9

06 October 2020 - 10:28 AM

Running the same code with PROIV v8.3 and v9.5 connecting to SQL SERVER 2016, we are getting persistent write errors in the v9.5 system with just one user connected.  We suspect it's a setting that is in the .ini on v8 and isn't set in v9.


This is what our v8 ini looks like for SQL Server:






[Database - SQLDEFAULT]


we have no value for SQL_ADD_UPDLOCK (which appears to be required for 2008 only according to the PROIV v9 documentation)


and this is what we have in the dashboard on v9:



  Default Database

    Enable Rollback - enabled



    General Database Settings

      Display Lock Message - enabled

      Display Error Message - enabled

      Cursors: Auto

      Timeout: -1

    SQL Server Configuration

      Enable Table Locking - enabled

      Read Uncommitted - enabled

      Select For Update - enabled

      Insert UpdLock - NOT enabled

      Startup Arguments - blank


Logical Databases


    Database Type SQLSERVE

    Connection String patch_windows/patch_windows/SVR04_DS

    Collation 7

    Honour Locks - enabled


Any suggestions as to what we should be setting differently or are missing would be much appreciated.

Setting SQL_DBNAME under PROIV v9

03 September 2020 - 05:28 PM

We have this in our v8 .ini file for connnectiong to an SQL Server system: [ENVIRONMENT] ... SQL_DBNAME=SVR03_DS [Database - SQLDEFAULT] PRODB_CHARSET=7 FILETYPE=SQLSERVE ... We ae trying to connect to SQL Server with v9. We can see where to set PRODB_CHARSET and FILETYPE in the Dashboard: Database section Logical Databases SQLDEFAULT Database Type = SQLSERVE Collation = 7 The problem we have is in defining SQL_DBNAME. The v9 name help https://support.proi...DBNAME&rhsyns= seems to indicate you can define another logical database - it equates proiv.virtualMachine.database.logical[n].name with SQL_DBNAME and sure enough, if we add another logical database, giving SVR03_DS as the name, when we undeploy and redeploy the Profile there is a second set of values in the relevant virtualmachine\config\...properties file but there doesn't appear to be any way to tell PROIV to use that logical database instead of the SQLDEFAULT one and anyway I'm not convinced the help is correct with this. I've also, because SQL_DBNAME is in the [ENVIRONMENT] section of the v8 .ini, defined an environment variable SQL_DBNAME with value SVR03_DS but that doesn't work either. Any suggestions gratefully received. Any solutions evern more gratefully received.

Secure Connection on Solaris

10 December 2015 - 03:25 PM

We can connect to Linux using the Securt Connection option on the Connection screen of Edit | Session properties. However, when we connect to Solaris the same way, the session does not connect and no error message is given. Any suggestions?

Pro-Isam file locked but not accessed elsewhere

13 June 2013 - 01:21 PM

We are getting a recurring problem at a v5.5 / Windows 2003 customer where a process stops because of a lock on a record in a file but nothing else appears to be accessing the file. Does anyone know of any tools that will help ascertain what is accessing a Pro-Isam file?

Click the link below to see the new game I'm developing!