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Bus and Task Parameter Mapping in Superlayer

16 July 2007 - 02:33 PM

Hi Proiv-RC,

I am a glovia user, using SL, Kernel 4.60.

I was trying to define a new Bus and Task interface for use in one of our new business applications. I have figured out how to do most of what I need to do EXCEPT mapping the B&T parameter to the applicable Update Windows Interface Parameter (I set it up using I as the regen process option). I looked through the Bus and Task documentation, but unfortunately it seems that the documentation only talks about mapping through the Developer Studio which isn't installed (the Glovia documentation on installing the Pro-IV system explicitly says to de-select this as an install option).

I have tried going into the parameter screen and changing to change mode (f-6) but I cannot get to the TSKVAR field which is what I assume I should be using to edit this. I have even tried doing an expand mode.

I appreciate any help you can give me on this matter.


Alexandros "Aleksei" Nipirakis
G&T Conveyor Company

CCT (Code Comparison Tools -Glovia) Pro-ISAM Access

28 June 2007 - 03:07 PM

Hello All,

I am in the process of doing some work to upgrade our Glovia install from 7.1 SP9 to SP13 (which I believe is the most current). Unfortunately we have many functions which were customized for us and the documentation is seriously lacking in some areas.

Thank goodness for CCT. Using CCT I was able to get a good idea of the changes between our production set and the base line Glovia install (I had to do some other fairly interesting things to get the list of functions to feed to CCT that I would be willing to share if anyone cared). The issue is that when I ran CCT on the 87 functions which were regular Glovia functions (not C_), CCT had problems generating the report (it only did the first two functions in the Queue). I thought "No Problem-- I will just create myself a report that looks at the CCT Files and forgo the issues with the CCT report all together." No dice, the CCT files appear to not be regular SL or even P4 files, therefore I was unable to access them using any function I would have written (shame since I would have been able to push the data to Oracle and maybe write a better report using Crystal or something else). I had thought about performing an alias to open the files, but if I am not mistaken, I would still need a file with the same definition as the CCT files, and unfortunately I am unable to find the file definition for these at all.

Trying to look at the CCT source code was a no-go. Also trying to figure out a way to call any of the CCT functions from one of my functions was equally not going to happen (that way I could have batched the creation of 87 different Comparisons, and batched the report creation). I have gotten through the 41 that I think are critical, but these things would be good to be able to do in the future.


1. How can I get access to the CCT files from either a SuperLayer or Pro-IV function so that I can copy my comparison results from the Pro-ISAM files into Oracle so that I can perform better reports on the data?

2. If there is no way to do 1, is there a way that I can call some of the CCT functions, particularly those that actually do the comparison and the report writing from a SuperLayer or Pro-IV function. This way, even though I would not be able to do the reporting myself, I could at least cut down on the repetitive key-stroking I seem to be doing too much of.

Any help or light anyone can shed on this would be greatly GREATLY appreciated. I also posted this message to the IGUG forum.

Thank You Kindly,


Is proiv.com down?

27 June 2007 - 01:26 PM

Is it just me or is the proiv.com site down for the time being?



Pro-IV differences on Windows vs Unix

13 October 2006 - 09:47 PM

Hello All,

I have been working with Glovia(7.1.x) for about two years now, one of which is in the nitty gritty of the Superlayer etc. I have heard from many people (mostly people here at my company) that Glovia (Pro-IV) was originally designed to run on Unix. I have noticed from my own experience that many places in Glovia refer to "OS USER" but in all the documentation I have, we are to disregard these variables as (again) we are Windows Server users. I was just wondering if there is any significant performance differences in how Windows and Pro-IV play as opposed to how Pro-IV and Unix play. From the fact that you can specify a OS USER for a Pro-IV (glovia) user for Unix environments, that suggests that each user gets its own operating system layer login process thingy (ok -- a programmer I am a unix expert I am not).

Another question, is Glovia (Fujitsu) the largest user of Pro-IV or are there others out there developing Pro-IV Code? If memory serves, the Pro-IV runtime is somewhat expensive and a license is required for each person using an application developed in Pro-IV.

I have been learning Pro-IV but I am not yet an expert so please forgive me for sounding dumb :D