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IDE Startup problems

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Rob Donovan


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Posted 09 March 2006 - 12:28 PM


I have noticed that there has been a problem with the IDE install procedure.

IDE used to use Bus & Tasks, but since this was not reliable, I changed my method of communicating with ProIV some time ago.

However, I left the Bus & Task OCX in my project, but just didn't use it.

A few months ago, I removed PRO4_API.OCX from the install procedure, since I wasn't using it, and there fore if you installed IDE on a PC that had never had the ProIV Client or Kernel on, then IDE would show you the startup splash screen and then just freeze, because it could not find PRO4_API.OCX.

I had not noticed this because my PC already had this file, so I did not spot the problem.

The newest version of IDE (0.1.48) that was released today now has no dependency on PRO4_API.OCX and should work correctly.

IDE should auto update if you are connected to the internet, or you can manually upgrade from the links below...


For more details on installation go to


Thanks to the people who spotted the problem and contacted me about it.

Rob D.

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