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ProIV IDE has now been released.

The current version of ProIV IDE available from the download link below is 0.1.60

To check which version you are running, start IDE, and the version number will be in the Title bar at the top.
If you have previously installed ProIV IDE, then when you start IDE and you are connected to the internet, IDE will check to make sure you have the most current version, if not, it will prompt for you to download and install the new version.

These pages are designed to help you install and setup ProIV IDE.

You need to setup the ProIV Server side and also the ProIV IDE Client.

Please select from below:

Download files

Setting up ProIV IDE Server Side
Setting up ProIV IDE Client
Trouble Shooting

If you find any bugs or have any questions email me or post them on the forum below.

Bug Reporting and discussion forum

Click here to see the things being worked on.