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ProIV IDE Beta
The following problems / enhancements are currently being worked on:

  • ActiveX
    ActiveX controls cannot currently be edited or viewed within IDE.
  • VIP Bootstraps
    At the moment ProIV IDE reads and writes from/to the Native Bootstraps.
    This means that if you have a function in VIP you can view it in ProIV IDE, but if you save any changes back to ProIV they will be lost once the function is rebuilt from VIP.
    I am working on the VIP bootstraps but they are very badly designed and there seems to be lots of redundant fields and some very strange solutions.
  • Property Pages
    Currently all data for a function is edited within grids. This makes it very easy to view the overall structure of a function but sometimes it's not so easy to identify fields.
    I'm going to included a new edit method for the fields and lay them out on a form with the use of Tabs, as below. This will be an alternative method for field entry. The grid method will still remain.
  • Function / Item Locking
    Currently there is no version control or 'locking' of functions.
    A simple method of 'booking out' a item to a user name or project will be implemented, so that 2 people cannot edit the same item.