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ProIV IDE Server Client Setup
The following notes will help install the ProIV IDE Client application.
  • Download the windows client from http://www.proivrc.com/idedownload.html
  • Run the proide_client.exe program that you downloaded and follow the instructions.
  • Start ProIV IDE from the start menu.
  • Press the 'ok' button on the 'nag' screen.
  • If your PC is not on a proxy that needs a user/password and there is a newer version of ProIV IDE available then it will prompt you to download and upgrade. (Follow the instructions).
  • If this is the first time you are installing (or its 30 days since the last license key entry) then you will be asked for a license key. Click the link which will take you to a web page that will supply you with a new license key. Copy & Paste this back into IDE
  • Close the 'Open' form with the 'cancel' key.
  • Select menu Tools/Options/Environments. This is where you tell ProIV IDE about the server you have ProIV installed on.
  • Click the 'New' button
  • Type in any name for this connection. (ie Develop, Live, Test)
  • Type in the Machine name (either the IP or DNS machine name, or 'localhost' if ProIV is installed on your PC).
  • If you are connecting to a ProIV Single Developer Kernel,change the 'Connection Type' field to 'ProIV Single Developer'.
  • Change the ProIV Version to the version of the ProIV Kernel that you are going to connect to.
  • Click the 'Colour' button to choose a colour for this server
  • All other fields should remain as the defaults
  • Click the 'Set Default' button to make this connection the default.
  • Click OK.
Extra steps for ProIV Kernels 4.0 and 4.6 only

These extra setps need to be performed on old 4.0 & 4.6 kernels because they dont have the Client.Get() command available. So ProIV IDE has to use an external DLL to transfer data between the kernel and IDE.
  • Update your C:\Windows\proiv.ini file and insert the following 2 lines (replacing them if they already exist) or if you don’t have this file, then download it from http://www.proivrc.com/IDEUpdate/proiv.ini and save it to C:\Windows\

    If you already have a value in the 'ReportEditor' field, then change your original line from 'ReportEditor' to 'ReportEditorIDE' and then add the 2 new lines below to the [Settings] section.

    LocaleInFormationFolder=C:\Program Files\ProIV IDE
    ReportEditor= C:\Program Files\ProIV IDE\ProivIDEGetData.exe

    If you have installed ProIV IDE into a different dir than the default dir, then you will have to change the Path ‘C:\Program Files\ProIV IDE ’ to whatever you have changed it to, in the 2 lines.
  • If you have changed the default install dir from ‘C:\Program Files\ProIV IDE’ while installing the client, you will also have to edit the file locale.ini, which is in the ProIV IDE dir, and change the line ‘ProivResourceDLL = C:\Program Files\ProIV IDE\PROIVRESIDE.DLL’ to the new path you have installed to.
  • When setting up your connection in ProivIDE (in menu option Tools/Options/Environments), make sure that you specify ‘4.0’ or '4.6' in the ProIV version field.
There is an example already added when you startup ProIV IDE.

Any problems with installation, please contact ide@proivrc.com

When opening your first Item in IDE, you will be prompted for a Username and Password. If your server is a Unix server, then this is your Unix Username and Password. If your server is a Windows server, then this is IDE (IDESD for SIngle Developer Versions) for the Username and blank for the password.

Trouble Shooting