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03 December 2004 - 02:25 AM

Hi to All, we want to thanks in advance for all your comments & recomendations about this concern. sorry for the delay for feedback B)), next are some questions.

The ISVIEW file sent corresponds to a normal load for around 250 concurrent users but this does not mean an overload at all. In fact we have about 2 weeks every 4 months that are critical and presents slow downs due about 380 concurrent users and high process demand, at these moments we have observed more than 2500 files opened at once, this is reported by the corresponding ISVIEW file.

SL_SPIN was setted to such number for 2 reasons: 1) Was a Local Support recommendation and, 2) Was a result after large test sessions. So, we donĀ“t find how to set this value in accordance our server configuration: number of processors & memory. Is there any documentation that help us to solve this ?

The SHMSIZE parameter is deducted by the other 4 parameters. Do you recommend to set this to a fixed value?

We use PRO-ISAM files for small size ones & C-ISAM files for larger than 1GB. Really Oracle is used since jan 2004, but is used for interface purposes.

We have constantly session tests to reproduce overloading, these runs pasts 10:00 PM. The first test runs with 350 concurrent users ending with a duration of 12 minutes, then we kill the ISCOLLECT processs without restart the server. The second test with the same number of users longs 5 minutes, can you tell me why this happens?

Can you tell us where to set the TRACEALL & TIMESTAMP parameters?

At this moment we are unable to upgrade our PRO-IV 4.6 version.

To kill the ISCOLLECT process, we log off all users then kill the process without restart the system. This task longs 1 to 2 minutes. These week we have done this process 5 times in working time.

Please, we need some feedback concerning to interpret correctly de ISVIEW file contents. Can you help us?


20 November 2004 - 12:58 AM

Hi to All, we want to thanks in advance for all your comments & recomendations about this concern. Next are some bullets in answer for some of your recomendations posted above:

* Files
- isamlog This file has been empty since its creation about 2 years ago. We have reviewed recently the access: rwxrwxrwx.

- proiv.ini. Contents next:

[Serial - 4.0]
Installation0=524D 59EE 5853 62DE 4G9H FBE5
Installation1=28HB 65BA A379 AECE 5DC8 ADH8
Installation2=578D 4FHB GD3H G25E HD63 C5GH
Installation3=CH94 A78F 42FG D2A9 CF54 A4DD
Installation4=93DC D8G6 F5F2 C3BC E9G9 78H7
Activation1=653H 3E22 DBD5 87HA 6EDD 52HD
Installation5=BB49 A89G 3E89 7GFE EA4G 7HEE
Installation6=CH2B 7237 5D98 C47E 4D5H E3F6
Installation7=6874 B292 EB6H GAGA 53GF F8DE
Activation2=7665 8HEC B3ED 25DE FEH9 3CE9
[Serial Info - 4.0]
Installation0=Evaluation mode for SiteId 287963, valid through Tue Nov 16 2004
Installation1=Serial number 7657: CISAM enabled through Thu Nov 18 2004
Installation2=Serial number 7657: ORACLE enabled through Thu Nov 18 2004
Installation3=Serial number 7657, platform SUN_SOLARIS: 20 Development users, valid through Thu Nov 18 2004
Installation4=Serial number 7657, platform SUN_SOLARIS: 395 Runtime users, valid through Thu Nov 18 2004
Activation1=Activate serial number 7657 for SiteId 287963, valid indefinitely
Installation5=Serial number 7736: CISAM enabled through Thu Dec 9 2004
Installation6=Serial number 7736: ORACLE enabled through Thu Dec 9 2004
Installation7=Serial number 7736, platform SUN_SOLARIS: 120 Runtime users, valid through Thu Dec 9 2004
Activation2=Activate serial number 7736 for SiteId 287963, valid through Thu Dec 9 2004

- isamdef Contents next:

MAXFILES = 3000 max # of open isam files

MAXUSERS = 400 max # users in system
USRFILES = 200 max # open files per user

MAXLOCKS = 250 max # of simultaneous rcd locks
AVGLOCK = 120 average size (bytes) of a record lock

#SHMSIZE = 3145728 shared memory size (alternate to above 4 parms)
# (assuming (dev_t == 2) and (pid_t == 4))
# SHMDELAY = 5 time to wait for a resource (seconds)
#SHMRETRY = 30 max # of attempts at resource

SL_SPIN = 1000
SL_NAP = 10

The value for SHMSIZE is 2MB in accordance from parameters in isamdef file

- isview171104 This file is the output from the isview command and is some long, see attached file.

We don't know how interpret content from this file, we have asked to our local support too without success. can you help us to determine the kind of errors or warnings, meannings, docs, etc?

- In general, our site has the next characteristics:
  • Sun Enterprise 10000
  • 8 CPU
  • 8 GB RAM