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Collation is SQL

16 May 2005 - 09:30 AM

We are using Proiv ver 5.5 2.0.4 to run our pension fund administration system connecting to SQL 200 server. We have a program which opens an ASCI (csv) file which contains a list of members on a pension fund. The program then compare and match the file's data to the SQL database and updates the matched ones. This works 100% at our offices.

At a client we have a seperate standalone copy our our system using the same verion of Proiv and the same source codes for all the programs. Here however it matches all the members up to U (A Mr Ungerer) and then stops. The proces say it's finished and that there are no more members on the database.

The only difference between us and them is the collation definition in the SQL database. Is Proiv using the collation when it compares data ?


Proiv Webclient Server 2

17 November 2004 - 06:17 AM

We are trying to publish our PROIV application via the web using the Proiv Webclient Server 2. I have installed it on the same server that's running the Proiv Application and configured the service to run on port 4375. The PROIV application server is running ver 5.5 and the database is in SQL (also on the same server) Thus my web address internally would be http://grs14:4375/WebClient/index.xsp and it's working beautifully.

Our It guys have published that web address via NATS outside to and they have opened the port 4375 on the routers going outside to the web. Yet no luck.....

What else do we need to do to get the service running? Open ports on firewalls ?

Many Thanks