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Clarence Owens

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bus error in Pro-IV 4.6 R500

16 June 2003 - 07:04 PM

We are using Glovia 5.4 with the Pro-IV 4.6 R500 kernel and are getting a reproducable bus error but cannot determine the exact cause or a workaround. We are not getting a core file. I have run this program with the Pro-IV full trace option and the function always dies during or immediately after adding a row to one table. Removing one global lscall and some local lscalls that really don't do anything useful allows the program to go much farther into the run but it still errors out at the same point, in or just after executing the before write logic for the file.

Our DBA says there are no Oracle errors. Our Unix admin says he cannot see why we are not getting a core file but that perhaps the Pro-IV kernel is not calling for one. Is it a matter of calling for one or might there be some parm set in the HPUX 11 operating system that is preventing its creation?

We are getting desperate since this error is preventing us from loading new sales orders into our system.

Does anyone else out there have experience with diagnosing bus errors?

Glovia stored procedure tools

14 August 2002 - 02:28 PM

I was looking around in our Glovia 5.4 system today and found two menus named SQLM 'Stored Procedures Release' and SQLMT 'Stored Procedures Tools.'

I am very interested in using the tools on the SLMT menu and have figured out how to get menu items #5 and 9 working, by setting the value variable &$SQLPATH to 'procs' instead of 'procedures' and physically creating Pro-ISAM files SQLX_HDR, S_SQLXRF and SQLXREF. However, I am having problems with item #1. It executes an Oracle proc named SQLWU_PROC and I don't see that one anywhere.

Is anyone out there familiar with what these menus and their items are for? Is this some work in progress or an extra price option?


Clare Owens
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SuperLayer transaction history file SLTRNHIS

20 February 2002 - 07:17 PM

I 'discovered' this history file today while looking into a record lock that occurred last night in our Glovia 5.4 system. It apparently contains the time and date stamps for the start and ending of every Pro-IV function that has been executed on the system. There are three arrays that contain the start date/time, the end date/time and the terminal/operator IDs for the last 40 executions of each function. There also are a lifetime execution counter, a lifetime execution time accumulator and the pointer to the current array position.

The start and end fields are numeric in the form nnnnn.mmmmm with the nnnnn being the system date and the mmmmm apparently being some fraction of a day or another form of time representation.

I'm trying to determine the units used for the time stamps and the lifetime execution field. Have any of you done anything with this file?

Locally managed tablespaces with Glovia 5.4??

12 April 2001 - 12:34 PM

We are migrating from Chess 3.2 with CISAM to Glovia 5.4 with Oracle 8.1.6. Our DBA has suggested that we use locally managed tablespaces rather than the dictionary managed tablespaces. It looks to me like the Glovia DBC tools will not work with locally managed tablespaces. Do any of you have any experience migrating to or just using Glovia/Oracle with locally managed tablespaces?

Click the link below to see the new game I'm developing!