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Foreign Key Constraints in SQL Server

09 February 2007 - 09:59 PM

Has anyone had experience using foreign key constraints in SQL Server (or possibly Oracle) with their PRO-IV application? We have moved our application from ISAM into SQL Server but as of now don't use foreign key constraints in the database. Obviously, to do this, we would first need to make sure there are no "orphan" rows when the database is changed. I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this process and whether there are any PRO-IV specific issues to worry about.

Thanks. Mark Dexter

PROIV.EXE Application Error

02 August 2006 - 06:19 PM

We are running build 524 of the PROIV.EXE client program, along with 5.5R334USRAN003 of the kernel. We use MSSQL as our database.

Out of several hundred customer sites, we have at least 20 that have some users who intermittantly get PROIV.EXE Application errors that relate to the DLL MSVBM60.DLL. The symptoms vary. Sometimes the client will get an application error and then get dumped out of PRO-IV. Sometimes they just get dumped out. Sometimes they get a referenced memory error. They always (or usually?) get an entry in the server's event log indicating an application error in PROIV.EXE and naming MSVBM60.DLL as the "faulting module".

We have been unable to determine exactly what causes this and cannot reproduce the problem on demand, although we have gotten it in house a few times. Our best guess at this point is that it appears to happen more to users who do rapid data entry, but we aren't sure about that.

Any suggestions or help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Mark Dexter

Auto search in PRO-IV

29 June 2006 - 07:08 PM

In many Windows and Web apps, when you're entering in a key field, the app will display partial matches to what you've entered automatically after you enter in one or a few characters (i.e., without hitting a "search" button). For example, I was just looking up the status of a flight on the US Airways web site, and on the city field as soon as I had entered in the first 3 characters of the city it displayed a list of all of the cities that matched.

Has anyone done this in a PRO-IV application? Thanks. Mark Dexter

Large SQL Server / PRO-IV Sites

08 February 2006 - 12:17 AM

I'm trying to find out what experience people have had with large production sites (in terms of concurrent users) running PRO-IV with Microsoft SQL Server. At present, we have over 150 customers running our application with SQL Server, and our largest site is 140 concurrent users. Does anyone have experience with or knowledge of larger production sites. Or, in other words, what is the largest production site you know of, in terms of concurrent users, with PRO-IV and SQL Server? Thanks. Mark Dexter

UMSG After Record Lock

26 October 2005 - 04:38 PM

Has anyone had any luck showing useful record lock information in UMSG's? Here's my specific case. I have any update function with lock logic on a table. When a lock is encountered, the function reads a record showing who's got the record locked. I would like to display this information to the user who is locked (e.g., in a UMSG) without interfering with the processing.

The only method I have found that works at all is to do a UMSG ($$MSG,5), which displays the message for 5 seconds. Then the message is replaced by the "RECORD LOCKED - WAITING" message, which is then replaced by "UPDATE IN PROGRESS - PLEASE WAIT". If the lock persists, the cycle is "UPDATE IN PROGRESS" followed by my message for 5 seconds, followed by "RECORD LOCKED" for a couple of seconds.

It would be nice to be able to control the "UPDATE IN PROGRESS" message that automatically appears when PRO-IV retries the file read. Does anyone have any ideas about how one might do this? Thanks. Mark Dexter