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Kevin Meyer

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CRT and XP

14 April 2003 - 07:21 PM

Has anyone had success using Windows XP and changing the proiv.ini file to with the following commands:
ReportEditor=C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessorie\wordpad.exe

It works fine on NT and Windows 2000, but on my XP machine it brings up the standard window.


Oracle 8.1.7 64 bit

22 January 2003 - 04:26 PM

Greetings all! I seem to have made a mistake in that we upgraded our hpux to 11.0 64 bit and now we have upgraded our oracle to 8.1.7 64 bit. I have to relink the proiv kernel and I am getting an error 'ld: /ora/product/817/lib/libserver8.a: Not a valid library (invalid magic number). Possibly a 64-bit PA archive library (Mismatched
Well, now Glovia is is telling me that the proiv kernel does not support 64 bit oracle. I was led to believe that while it didn't take advantage of the 64 bit we could still run Oracle in 64 bit mode. We have been running oracle 8.1.7 for 4 days now while the kernel is linked to the 816 libraries. Am I messed up or what? I don't seem to be having any problems as of yet but I don't like the idea of having proiv linked to 816 libraries.

1. Does Proiv have a kernel that operates 64 bit?
2. Can Glovia run on that kernel (even though they may not say you can)?
3. What are the ramifications if I leave the 816 libraries in place and don't rebuild the kernel?


Setting an absolute value for an integer

08 November 2001 - 08:24 PM

Is there a way within Proiv to set an absolute value for a number? I can't find anything in the manuals. Like an ABS() function or something?


pro4bus error

20 September 2001 - 05:28 PM

Can anyone help me? I am getting an error when I try to execute the pro4busd.

hal9004 pro4bin/p4bus # ./pro4busd
sockListen: bind socket failed
last system error 226: Address already in use

I did a kill on the pro4bus process a couple of days ago because I needed to reinstall some keys. Any suggestions? I'm still waiting on my response from Glovia.

Thanks much.

Proiv timing cycle

24 January 2001 - 10:26 PM

Greetings all,

Does anyone have a comprehensive layout of the timing cycle for proiv? We have a copy of one but it does not seem to go into detail about control breaks. Thank you.