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15 March 2005 - 07:52 PM

A couple of suggestions:

The "No statetment parsed" message might occur as a result of an invalid primary key/unique index - try issuing a "alter index PK_MYTABLE rebuild" where "MYTABLE" would be your ORACLE table name. If this fails, you may have duplicate data that invalidated a unique index.

Your issue regarding the functions not linking to one reminds me of some ProIV security problems. If you are using @COMP, or you have @OPR in your ProIV file definition, you may be encountering security violations that knock you out of ProIV. Another possibility - if @COMP is set to Null/blank at the start of your function and runs through a given file, it could possibly end up with different data and thus another security error.

I'd suggest ensuring you have saved and reset @COMP at the start and end of each function, or alternatively not use @COMP in the file definition.