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In Topic: Glovia5.4 Support Pro-IV Kernel & Oracle

04 September 2003 - 01:40 AM

I don't know off the top of my head. But, Glovia does "ceritfy" which versions of Oracle work with each glovia.com release. For best results, and for "support" from Glovia, I suggest that you get the answer from them directly. :)

In Topic: PRO-IV Market

26 August 2003 - 06:12 PM

Two comments:

1) Certainly Pro-IV has had a lot of owners over the years. In addition to the list above one can add “Pro Computer Sciences (PCS)” just after Data Technical Analysts and before MDIS.

Data Technical Analysts
Pro Computer Sciences (PCS)
McDonell-Douglas Information Systems
PRO-IV Technologies

2) In answer to the original question “What do you feel are the contributing factors into why the Pro-IV market has become so dead?” . . .
a) In my experience, the Pro-IV market does well the when VAR’s do well. Back when I worked for Sushil Garg at PCS, he explained to me that Pro-IV didn’t sell well by itself. It wasn’t until he started PCS’s sister company “Application Systems Corporation” (ASC) that Pro-IV sales began to take off. This was not just due to the licensing of ASC’s products, put also because ASC provided an examples of a successful use of Pro-IV to build applications.
B) I know of at least one large Pro-IV VAR, Glovia International, that is not doing so well in terms of customer retention and new sales. This, combined with other Pro-IV VAR’s that may be in the same situation, is resulting in layoffs that are placing additional Pro-IV developers in an already dry market place.
2) One thing that I fell would help Pro-IV to make a huge impact would be a WEB based front end to the functions it produces. In other words, before the GUI client, all we could build were green screens. Then, with GUI came buttons and other graphical features that allowed Pro-IV to render a user interface more like Window’s Visual Basic.

Imagine what we could build, and easily market, if Pro-IV generated functions that could be navigated via a web browser. What if all the user needed to run a Pro-IV application was a URL and a browser? Then, I think, the Pro-IV market would come back to life. :)

In Topic: 2 Developers Wanted, London

20 August 2003 - 07:10 PM

Will consider offshore staff working remotely? I live in Los Angeles and have extensive experience in Pro-IV with financial applications.