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Future of Super Layer/ProIV in Glovia

13 May 2005 - 03:35 PM

Hi all!

I have seen a rather old document from Glovia International, "Boundaryless Information Flow & Enterprise Architecture", dated around 11/2003, where they depic the new architecture where SuperLayer/ProIV will be encapsulated in EJB wrappers, will migrate MFC user interface from SuperLayer(PROIV) to eAccess(Java) and eventually replace EJB Wrapped components with native JAVA EJB components.

eAcess, a Java based web components packaged runs action 'tags' that are executed in a GML (Global Markup Language) engine. The overall picture looks really outstanding and I am really happy that Fujitsu is using "Interstage", its business collaboration platform, as the infrastructure layer of Glovia.

I am wondering, however, whether that marks the end of Glovia's ERP as an application based in SuperLayer/ProIV. Anyone can shed some light on this?

Oracle9iR2 Patches

01 December 2003 - 03:00 PM


I am testing an environment with RedHat Enterprise Linux 3, and want to install Oracle9iR2 on it. I need several patches, available only thru http://metalink.oracle.com/, for which I do not have access. I don't understand why Oracle puts the software availably for download and the put the patches for Linux inside a restricted site.

Is there somebody our there that could kindly download and send them to me?.

The necessary patches are:



SQL for Autosequenced Tables

06 November 2003 - 09:46 PM

Using ProIV version 4.6 build 210 and Oracle 7x. I used to replace the SEL-ONLY sentence in the Default Logic of several functions to take advantage of more powerful SQL SELECT statements. That way I can use the LIKE option and can select partials keys or non-keyed elements.

My problem is that I am trying to use a SELECT for an autosequenced table, but ProIV is missunderstanding the statement and is gathering too few elements. Any idea of how to fix that behavior?.


Pro Java

29 August 2003 - 10:27 PM

An Open Issue:

I have seen tons of excellent comments in this site for almost a couple of years. I have been fascinated by the answers that several active members have so nicely shared with us. Several authors of the notes very well deserve to be called Gurus. Others may not have all that knowledge but are an important contribution to the content of this knowledge database and give us a complete view of the ProIV world.

I love the basic philosophy of ProIV. I really admire the person that firstly conceived this design and development concept. Hundreds of languages and applications have risen since then and I still love the way to create applications with ProIV, no matter if I use Visual Basic or Oracle's JDeveloper.

But sadly I have faced and even read here, there are a lot of modern concepts that ProIV does not support. Rob Donovan has shared an example of what the people that gives life to this site can do, creating this very site and the graphical front end interface ProIV IDE.

So, my challenge to all of us is... why do not create OURSELVES, an open RAD Environment out of the basic concept of ProIV, but spiced with all those powerhouse software engineering oddies as Structured Programming, Object Oriented Programming and a Virtual Machine, among others.

I am not talking about taking ProIV and convert it to a new level, but to start from a brand new project were the idea of a next generation RAD is the core of it. ProIV is a nice prototype to be considered, but the last thing I would like to do is violating copyrights or other legal interests there could exist with ProIV.

May I suggest using Java as the procedural language behind it?. Besides its self-managed memory schema, I found it as powerful as C, but elegant and scientifically created.

The final application could be a pure Java bytecode that should be executed by any Java’s VM.

We all have seen severe limitations with ProIV. Some of us may be using ProIV because we have to. But I am sure there are a lot of us that use it because we like it.

I would like to create very quickly screens, reports or updates functions with state-of-the-art features. I may not know so much about IDE’s, the ones I have seen or used are just good creating screens and reports, powerful tools for record processing and updates, just as ProIV does, with a clear design are very rare.

We may start as an enhancement to the open, universal IDE “eclipse”. After all, that is the way Linux started and just look where it is now. Non commercial projects as PostgresSQL, MySQL, eclipse and Linux itself have demonstrated that creating extraordinary tools with this approach is possible.

Of course I just have the vision, so I invite other people to enrich this proposal with their suggestions.

Any volunteer wants to join that journey?.


Click the link below to see the new game I'm developing!