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In Topic: What environment are you using the most?

13 April 2005 - 09:42 AM

Davethehun, sorry if I don't live down to your sloppy standards, but I feel I can differenciate between good and bad user interfaces. Why don't you get a life and become less lazy, less tolerant of bad design, and less complacent, give up on VIP, and use a GUI that conforms to some universal standard instead of this 'toytown' version that VIP uses?

Tyrone, how can you get so angry and insulting over a piece of software? Let’s get back to basics… the whole point of RAD is to develop functional systems quickly and easily, and Pro-IV (especially with VIP) allows this. My clients don’t care tuppence about how it is done as long as it’s available tomorrow, it works and it adds value. The result is everything!

No software in this world is perfect (although Excel comes close), but if it enables you to satisfy your objectives, then you have to live with the limitations. I personally don’t let the limitations hold me back, if that’s being sloppy, then I’m guilty as charged!

All products evolve and I’m sure that VIP will be no exception. I don’t think for a minute the developers are sat there thinking, “This is a finished product”. They’re probably aware of its limitations just as fully as you are, and will no doubt look iron them out as time goes on.

To put it politely, I think you’re being over critical of somebody else’s hard work; VIP is a good product and in no way does it deserve the lambasting you gave it. I re-iterate, “It does what it says on the tin”. There is no way you can call it s**t, just because it’s not a true windows product. Get off your high horse!


In Topic: What environment are you using the most?

12 April 2005 - 01:28 PM

Tyrone… Get a life!!

So what if VIP doesn’t conform to your exacting standards? Who cares? Certainly, not me!

Until relatively recently, I used native Pro-IV for many years and considered it to do, exactly what it said on the tin, rapid application development. It managed to do this due to an easy to understand concept and small command set and, despite weaknesses in its editing ability e.g. finding, copying and moving objects.

I now use VIP and find that the weaknesses have been addressed admirably and find development even quicker. No, it’s not perfect, but its nothing like the travesty you portray!

I say, “Well Done” to the developers, “Carry on the good work”.


In Topic: Pro-IV Variables

21 September 2004 - 01:23 PM

Here's the list I've produced It's created from Kernel Version 5.5000, Revision 3.1.2 (Aug 04, 03).

In Topic: Pro-IV Variables

20 September 2004 - 03:31 PM


Ran the strings command and got a list, it's a valuable start.



In Topic: A debugging utility

29 June 2004 - 09:21 AM


Yes, I did replace the entire PIC but on running the function it just hung when it reached the logic (and did not update the text file). Then, the only way out was to terminate the session (Ctrl-Break didn't work).

I then tried a number of formatting variants, each time reducing the number of elements within the string. Essentially, whenever I ran it with at least one of the 'NAME' variables it hung. If it didn't have any in it worked.

I have just now tried adding the following line to the logic after the PARMS line:


This shouldn't cause any problems (should it?), but on running it hangs once more. My conclusion, therefore, is that it is the variables that are the problem, well, certainly within VIP!