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Weird numeric conversion error?

10 July 2003 - 03:01 AM

Hi all

Platform: PROIV v 5.0r109 on Oracle 8.1.7

We've recently been experience a strange problem. On one of our larger tables, we get a numeric conversion error at random times - we have tracked the problem to be related to a date in the table, which has been set to 0 from PROIV (and thus appears as 31/12/1799 in the oracle table). :(

Strange thing is, there are many other records with the same dates, and they work fine - it only happens to particular records which have no unique traits when compared to other records that are being processed....

Once an offending record is found, the problem can be repeated ad infinitum - if the date is set to 1/1/1800, everything starts working - set it back to 31/12/1799 (even from Oracle) and the rollbacks return. :eek:

I am thinking that it must be some weird buffer overflow or PROIV/Oracle interface bug.... has anyone experienced something similar?