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ISAM to Oracle Conversion

14 January 2004 - 01:05 AM

Hi all,

We are currently underway with an ISAM to Oracle conversion. We've read and heard from various sources that particular files should be left in ISAM to avoid performance and other issues. This hybrid however provides greater challenges in terms of backup and recovery.

Has anyone out there succesfully converted ALL ISAM files to Oracle ? including all of Pro-IV's internal workfiles etc ?

Again, everything I've read so far tells me we will end up with something left over whether we like it or not.


Pro-ISAM VMS File size limitation

30 June 2003 - 07:27 AM


We are currently running Pro-IV v4.0 r518 on OpenVMS v7.1

We have a large number of files on an ISAM database over 384MB

In looking to move to the Unix platform, Pro-IV have indicated that there is an issue with files over this size, therefore we will have to convert to Oracle or C-ISAM.

Is this 384MB limitation unique to Unix platforms, or should have this never worked for us on VMS either ? (a couple of files are >1GB)