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p4ExecTask error 46

28 May 2003 - 06:19 PM

I'm having a problem with the 5.5r217 pro4busd when it is started via a HP-UX start up script at reboot. the pro4busd daemon starts without an error, but if I try to run a task, I receive the following error:

Error 46: p4ExecTask: EXEC 'TK_Z_TASKREP' returned non-zero kernel status 1, reason -98, sub-error -98
p4ExecTask failed: Last Error 46, StatusCode 46, FailReason 1, SubError -98
Status list returned: # sysvars 0, list length 0:

Here is the script I use to start the daemon:

PATH=/glo/proiv55/bin:$PATH ; export PATH
pro4busd &

If I execute this script manually as root to start the pro4busd daemon, it starts up without error AND the same task runs successfully.

Here is the script I use to run the task:

/glo/proiv55/bin/p4bus/p4task /task: /env:crm55 /user:otrack:lclar01 /oper:TSK:TSK /codiv:PTI

any idea what this error means? what could be the difference between manually running the script to start the daemon and having the reboot process run it?