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In Topic: PROIV precompilation

19 March 2003 - 11:17 AM

Thanks to all who replied to the posting and to me personally. I think I may have posed my issue in a confusing way... let me try and clarify.

Our problem is we need to parse the PROIV code to determine the decision points in the program e.g. in an IF ....... ELSE ........ structure there are two possible paths.

On the basis of this parsing we need to modify the PROIV code and insert an exit to our monitoring routine.

In the example above, we would need to insert an exit to this routine straight after the IF and also after the ELSE so that we can determine after a test run which path was executed during the test run.

The problems therefore are :

1) What is the best way to get to the actual PROIV logic so that the code may be automatically parsed by a third party product
2) What is the best way for the third party product to automatically edit the PROIV code to insert the appropriate exits. This edit would need to be "temporary" (since you don't want this code in production usually!)

Does this help clarify the issues we need to resolve?