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In Topic: Looking for another 6 experienced ProIV developers for Sweden

22 January 2007 - 01:57 AM


I'm 10 yrs PROIV developer in Thailand, have experience with oversea working in Australia. Do I qualify for this job or not?


In Topic: file size

17 March 2005 - 07:26 AM

A question please,

How can I get the page size of PRO ISAM file ? I have a client who still using PRO ISAM on Windows platform. I want to check their files before they do month-end process.


In Topic: Glovia - ProIV

25 November 2004 - 07:53 AM

Hi Giang,

Which version of Glovia are you using ? I'm currently customized Glovia 5.4 and 6.0 for many customers.

I searched in the APINVMS' code, not found AP_DOC_CUR_RATE, but found AP_DOC_BOOK_RATE, AP_DOC_ORIG_RATE. :(

To see list of parameters/interface with global or local function, you can do the following;

1. in the logic edit screen, place cursor in step field (the place where you put * for comment the statement) and enter 'I' at the line that has LSCALL and press enter you will get a popup window show list of interface/parameters

2. in 'Function Regen' window (where you enter 'R' to regen the runtime code), enter 'W' then Superlayer will display list of called windows(both local and global). Placing cursor on the name of window and press F4 (window) to display the interface/parameters

To see what options available, you can press F4 in both 'Step' field and 'Regen Option'.

Have fun. :)


In Topic: Remote Desktop

24 September 2004 - 02:53 AM


I think that your PC reboot in safe mode, MS Windows does not load any device's driver when it boot in safe mode. So your display is set to VGA mode which is default mode. When it restart in normal mode, the device's drivers are loaded.

But I don't know why does your PC reboot ? May be the problem of electric power.


In Topic: Oracle error: 01410 invalid ROWID

13 September 2004 - 03:14 AM


I have searched in this forum about Oracle 9i and Pro IV 4.6 on Windows Platform and found that 4.6 doesn't support Oracle 9i. So my initial conclusion is Pro IV 4.6 can not work well with Oralce 9i on Windows platform. Because we also have problem when processing data from A/R module to be posted to G/L, function stop with SQL error 366 and a dialogue box appear with message "Terminate due to rollback error". This function uses Oracle' store procedure to process the table and it read the updated table to print report. When execute this store procedure in PL/SQL with the same given parameters from Pro IV, the process finish successfully.

http://www.proivrc.c...81&hl=oracle 9i

Today I am searching in Glovia's web for support to see if there is any issue/support matrix about Pro IV 4.6 and Oracle 9i or not.