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In Topic: PROIVTree ActiveX - SetItemText

24 January 2017 - 02:09 AM

Hi Yvette,
Make certain that your FULL $ROWDATA input string you concatenated is long enough read in Before Write logic.

Do you delimit your Coding Structure or your Reporting Structure levels in your $ROWDATA?

Your SCOA concatenated KEY to be 38 characters long within your $ROWDATA input string else you might encounter problem in committing the next record if you are working with your first few levels of scoa coding/reporting structures of your segment.

In Before Write Logic of the table CRUDing:-
In ADD MODE, initial your ActiveX parameters to Tree.FindByData and Tree.InsertRowSort methods.
You've stated that you have called Tree.SelectItem method when adding.

Enforce your commit by doing EODEXIT(1).

If you using the CRUDing more than once in your function,you will encounter problems in committing,make a child file for the CRUDing table.

Debug your $ROWDATA KEY.

I hope that helps.

Matthews Estrice

In Topic: RESTFul Web Services - Internal Server Error: 500

24 May 2016 - 09:01 AM

No luck,we will wait for the next release.In the meantime we will use SOAP/WSDL.

In Topic: RESTFul Web Services - Internal Server Error: 500

19 May 2016 - 07:49 PM

The jvm installed is the one that is bundled with PROIV version 8.2

CLASSPATH : JRE_HOME=C:\PROIVVer 8\_jvm7 in the pro4v8.ini file


When checking c:>java -version on my machine ,I get a reply 'java version 1.7.0_11' which means the jvm is compatible.


Some pointers regarding the 500 error are as follow:-


PX-1055 Installer missing entries from pro4v8.ini
PX-1064 PROIV VM crashes when user with no write permissions attempts login
PX-1067 Installer needs to create jvm log files world-writable and adjust permissions on logs directories
PX-1071 Missing JRE_HOME entry in the pro4v8.ini file causes JVM startup failure
I have checked the permission on the high level below the proiv installation folder,all have full permission.

In Topic: RESTFul Web Services - Internal Server Error: 500

19 May 2016 - 07:09 PM

ahaaaa, we are getting closer to home!


under C:\PROIVVer 8\ApplicationServices\logs log file,below is what we witness:-


May 18, 2016 10:14:46 AM org.restlet.ext.simple.SimpleServerHelper start
INFO: Starting the Simple [HTTP/1.1] server on port 8182
May 18, 2016 10:14:50 AM org.restlet.ext.simple.SimpleServerHelper start
INFO: Starting the Simple [HTTPS/1.1] server on port 8183
JVM Process has not received any CPU time for 204 seconds.  Extending timeouts.
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGMesPost200.h
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGMesPost200.m
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGDefaultApi.m
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGDefaultApi.h
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGObject.h
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGObject.m
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGQueryParamCollection.h
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGQueryParamCollection.m
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGApiClient.h
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGApiClient.m
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGJSONResponseSerializer.h
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGJSONResponseSerializer.m
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGJSONRequestSerializer.m
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGJSONRequestSerializer.h
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\JSONValueTransformer+ISO8601.m
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\JSONValueTransformer+ISO8601.h
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGConfiguration.m
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient\SWGConfiguration.h
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\SwaggerClient.podspec
writing file C:\Windows\TEMP\0002430240527745778837_Objective-C_2306326979888253886\README.md
Windows's Event Viewer logs tells us 
The description for Event ID 259 from source PROIV V8 Client VM cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.
If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.
The following information was included with the event: 
the message resource is present but the message is not found in the string/message table
The ff. is the java package (path) in the stderroroutlog file that is giving us up hill:
May 19, 2016 7:17:46 PM org.restlet.ext.simple.SimpleServerHelper start
INFO: Starting the Simple [HTTP/1.1] server on port 8182
May 19, 2016 7:17:48 PM org.restlet.ext.simple.SimpleServerHelper start
INFO: Starting the Simple [HTTPS/1.1] server on port 8183
Where do we go from here,your help is highly appreciated please?
Matthews Estrice

In Topic: RESTFul Web Services - Internal Server Error: 500

19 May 2016 - 06:14 PM

Even the demo tells me that the web server has a problem.

Could it be a port,or license,or installation?I wonder why  :flowers:

The thrown exception is o (ZERO).