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Kelvin Rapley

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Excel SSO. Anyone using the ProIV SSO or developed their own?

28 May 2015 - 07:04 AM

Hi Everyone,


We're very keen to get hold of an Excel SSO.


Is anyone using the SSO that ProIV provide and what is their experience of it?


Has anyone developed their own version and is it available to be purchased?


We are running version 7.1.9 on a Linux Platform.




Permanet Developer Required in UK (West Midlands)

09 October 2013 - 12:59 PM

Company: Sertec Group Holdings - an automotive supplier.

Location: Coleshill (near Birmingham), UK

Position: System Developer (Permanent) to join a team of 3, developing and supporting our in-house ERP System

We develop in ProIV Developer (VIP) in ProIV version 7 over CIsam files on a Linux platform
Knowledge of Java would be an advantage but is not essential
Competitive salary based on experience

Please email your CV to kelvin.rapley@sertec.co.uk

Alias a Cisam Index?

06 May 2009 - 08:34 AM


I have an update cycle paging through a Cisam Index - HPL4CVAL

[ The fourth index of file def: HPLMCVAL ]

normally to point to a different physical file I would use:


I tried: ALIAS("HPL4CVAL","../../gnh/edata/pl/9PLMCVAL") with no success.

Is it possible to Alias an index?

2 Issues with Time

11 January 2007 - 08:23 AM

For a Staff Clocking System I would like to display the current time.

Issue 1: Is there a way of displaying @time on my clocking screen and updating it every second without it momentarily removing focus away from the input field for the swipe card?

Issue 2: I've experimented with displaying the client pc time (ie the actual clock that fires up when you double click the time display) alongside the ProIV clocking screen and using the client pc time for the clocking time. I can get the time into a file on the samba drive by using the command
#VAR = SYSTEM-CRT("GUI Echo. |TIME > S:\dostime")
the only drawback is a quick flash of the black screen. I've tried calling a batch file with @Echo Off but the black screen still flashes. Is there a way of issuing a DOS command with the window minimized?

Any Ideas?

Re-locating a global screen on the fly

13 April 2005 - 08:23 AM

I've got a global screen which is calling itself.

Its drilling down the sub-assemblies of a bill of materials which can have as many levels as the user requires.

Currently its overlaying itself and the user would have to move it down manually.

I'd hoped to be able to relocate it at each call by using the object method: move(w,x,y,z).

It looks as though it can't be done.

Any Ideas?

Click the link below to see the new game I'm developing!