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Niall Balfe

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PRO-IV Timing Cycle in version 5.5

14 October 2003 - 11:49 AM

Have recently upgraded from 4.6 to 5.5
Previously (in 4.6), while executing ARNE logic on a file and issuing a MSG together with a FLD statement returning control to the read field, control passed back to the FLD without processing any further files to be read on the same field. eg:

file1 - read fld 2, return fld 2, ARNE lgc 1
file 2 - read fld 2, return fld 3

logic 1 - test for condition, if error then issue message and return to fld 2

in this case, if the error condition was found in logic 1, file 2 was not read and control went back to fld 2.

Now (in 5.5), ALL files to be processed on the same field are read and processed, regardless of any FLD statements in ARNE logic. eg:

function set up as before, but in this case, if the error condition was found in logic 1, the error message was displayed ok, but file 2 was read and control carried on to fld 3.

Has anybody else encountered this problem?
Is this a problem with PRO-IV and if so, is there a cure for it? (other than amending all code)

External numeric formats for DB2/VSAM files

01 September 2002 - 10:11 PM

I´m looking for a description of the external record formats for DB2 and VSAM records on the IBM mainframe and how these relate to the record length as defined to PRO-IV.For example, how does a field of length 15 relate to an external type of COMP3 with a format of S9.2? And what is the effect of changing the external format to S11.2, or from COMP3 to COMP?Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.