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In Topic: Migrating Glovia 32bit to 64bit Server

15 October 2007 - 07:28 PM


Current server (32bit):
Pro-IV 4.6 r218
Oracle 8.1.6 (32bit)
Solaris 8
Glovia 5.4

Migrating to New Server (64bit):
Pro-IV 4.6 r534 64bit
Oracle 64bit
Solaris 8
Glovia 5.4

I am facing problem connecting to Pro-IV 4.6 r534 in the new server. Getting error message 'Unknown protocol offered by PROIV kernel, expected 65, offered 36.' during the execution of 'pro'. What I have done is copying the whole 'bs' of Glovia 5.4 into new server after installing Pro-IV. Suspect is the current 'bs' is running on 32bit but latest Pro-IV installed is running on 64bit.

Any settings that I need to change or to upgrade the current 'bs' into 64bit by doing the whole export & import and regen procedures? or just to downgrade the Pro-IV 4.6 r534 to 32bit?

Anybody face this situation before? Appreciate your comment.


I know this is a late reply.. The solution to this is make sure you upgrade your client as well.

In Topic: genfile.pro

21 February 2003 - 02:29 PM

Yes Rob, we do have a large system. It's the Glovia System (some people may know about that). The Glovia System (6.1.5 patch level 69) has about 16,000 functions not including those written in PROIV Basic only. And we have about 1000 custom functions more.

Yesterday, before I isout/iscr/isin thr genfile it has:
382918656 Feb 20 14:29 genfile.old

after that it went down to:
252647424 Feb 20 18:04 genfile.pro

Thank Rob! It's a big clarification to us.

Best Regards,

In Topic: genfile.pro

20 February 2003 - 11:49 PM

ooops sowee.. the posting date for that information should be sept 19, 2000. pro-isam file.

Thank you very much!

In Topic: B MODE

04 February 2003 - 08:54 PM

Hello again....
If it didnt work, maybe you can just not use the B mode.
Add the file as:
001 FILE A
002 FILE C

By then you will be able to place your logics in ARNE.

In Topic: Report row printing variable

04 February 2003 - 08:49 PM

Hi Neg,

I somehow, have the same problem in here, bu I think I was able to resolved.
You can use your own line counting for the lines that the report printed (example: #LINE_COUNT +=1) and then on all groups, add the last key accessed in the control break, skipp after 99 (that will make it as a page break). then on the logic before process of CB, you can place your logic of:

Or you can use @LINE to determine your line. (But if you have a logical report within a report, @LINE is not a good counter. (Example if your @LINE in main report is 7, then you counted 5 more lines in the LR, when it returns to the main report, @LINE is still 7.

Basically, you will have to make combinations of page height, line counts, @line to satisfy your breaks.

I was able to pull one through here after days of UMSGs to count lines, and happily, it passed!

Hope this helps...