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Kick off Unix bus and task from Windows

27 September 2017 - 08:33 AM

I am doing Gloiva consulting where it's PROIV version is 9.2.


There are situations where I use Windows' rsh to kick of a Unix base Glovia system's bus and task process.


Since rsh is not recommended by Microsoft and the latest Windows versions do not come with rsh, does anyone know what is the alternative way to start a PROIV bus and task process (in Unix) from a Windows client?





ALIAS success or not

14 April 2016 - 02:28 AM

Hi all,


I am using GLOVIA PROIV, not the latest PROIV though.


Would like to like after doing a ALIAS command, is there way to verify if the ALIAS succeeded or not?


For example, I do


ALIAS(B_MAPT, 'c:\temp\ext_file.txt')


is there a way to check if the above is correctly executed? (for example, if the file c:\temp\ext_file.txt not exist)





Total number of page

14 June 2010 - 10:36 AM

Hi all,

This could be a stupid question :x:

Is PROIV 4.6 has a environmental varialbes which shows the total number of page of a report? I need to write a report and the requirement requires it to print

Page X of Y

in the header of each page. I know I can get X by @PAGE#, but is that a way to get Y easily?

I know the answer is no but I just want to try my luck. :)



Start Excel with parameters

24 August 2009 - 06:28 AM

Hi all,

Understand that many of you have experiences writing PROIV functions which use DDE to start EXCEL and poke data across. I have written a number of them too, but my hesitation of writing DDE function is the "speed". Everytime when I see the data scrolling a row by a row and a few thousands rows report takes hours to complete makes me mad.

I am trying a different approach. Which PROIV writes to ORACLE work file, and at the end of the update function, it starts EXCEL and have it drags data from Oracle.

My questions are:

1) Since it is a multiple users environment, I guess the work file needs a key variable such has @TERM to distinguish who is running the report. However, when control pass from PROIV to Excel, how do I do to tell Excel to get data from the work file using the key @TERM?

2) In this approach, do I need to create a Excel template which set to get external data with proper ODBC info? So that when PROIV starts Excel using this template, it knows where to get data. Or I can pass parameters on the command which is to start Excel and tell how the worksheet gets data?



System Administration

29 May 2008 - 12:52 AM

Hi all,

I am using PRO46, Sun Solaris OS and Oracle DB.

I know that if PROIV 46 is running on Window platform, there is a PROIV Serivce Manager which shows current who is logging in PROIV and what is the current function being executed.

Do we have a similar utility in Unix platform? In short, if I want to know who is running what function at one time in Unix platform, how do I check for that?