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Gregg Barr

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SL Documentation Functions (SLFUNRS, SLFUNR)

01 May 2002 - 12:57 PM

Is there a way to fix the Superlayer documentation function to produce a readable report? Whenever I run it I get many blank lines and page breaks are not done properly. Do most people use this to document SL functions? Does someone have a custom function to do this?



25 April 2002 - 04:37 PM

We are looking at implementing security in our Glovia install. If I use $SECFN to set a functions security level it only seems to stick until that function is regened. Then it reverts back to 1 or blank. If the level is changed in function maintenance it keeps that level. What use is $SECFN if it only last until the function is regened? Is this how $SECFN is supposed to work? Thanks


25 January 2002 - 01:44 PM

In attempting to apply a Glovia patch I needed to run Redefine Superlayer Files from the DBUM menu. When I run it I get the error No Definition for Variable VAR_AMT_VAR. It looks like that field should come from the SLVARDEF file. In our production environment that file has 58 fields, in one of our old test environments it has 60 fields. The 59th being VAR_AMT_VAR. Glovia is looking at a solution but they have not gotten back to me yet. I don't plan on doing anything without their blessings. I just had a few questions. Does anyone here know 1) how this file could be different? 2) how do I correct it?

superlayer auto advance?

17 December 2001 - 08:26 PM

Is there a way in superlayer to automatically advance after completing a field? i.e. in a 4 character length field after typing the 4th character the cursor advances to the next field?


report header layout problem

16 November 2001 - 02:52 PM

I am a Superlayer Newbie, having a problem with a report in Superlayer. I want to add fields to the page header. I have Prohibit Layout set to Y. Using 'H' Define Report Headers, I added $DEPARTMENT in the Define window with a length of 10. Then in the Edit window I set the line and column to print it on, however, the length shows a blank and I can not get to that field to enter the length. After I gen and run the new field does not print. If I use @MODX and edit the header, setting the length to 10, it will then print the data. I really don't want to use @MODX to maintain this function. How can I edit the length field in the SL report header screen?