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page footer length and lines per page

12 February 2018 - 12:44 PM

p4 takes a new page on reaching the number of lines defined in the cycle definition.  If you want to use a footer you need to deduct the number of lines in the footer from the space available in the pagelen defintion.


i.e. use the default PAGELEN=56


Header is 4 lines

p4 will print the header and 52 lines of data then take a new page


without changing the pagelength (and why should you - isn't it a constant) add in a footer of 2 lines and p4 will still take a new page after 52 lines then it will print the footer - like this:


H=4 lines

then 52 lines of data then a new page

then Footer with 2 lines then next header starts


Therefore the page len needs adjusted to be the space minus the footer length


H=4 lines

then 50 lines of data

then Footer with 2 lines then a new page


Does anyone remember if it used to be smarter and add the footer rows into the count like it does with the header - like this:



H=4 lines

then 50 lines of data

then Footer with 2 lines then a new page



Its a long time ago but I used to write a LOT of complicated financial reports and I am sure footers used to be taken into account but since at least V7 they haef not been - can anyone test in an older version?



capture crash on windows server

26 June 2014 - 08:43 AM

we have a scheduled job that sometimes crashes.  We've been unable to make it crash with tracing/debugging enabled.  How should we setup pro exectuables for gateway jobs to get useful info ?


14 May 2003 - 02:53 PM


Has anyone had this problem in v5.5 where user amends a field
but the input does not appear until the field is exited and
re-entered? Only happens on some fields not all.
This is a greenscreen app on vms 7.3

I test the same function in v5.0 and it works ok.

I tried playing with the palettes , changing colours,
intensity and reverse video to no avail.

There are no special display settings on the fields and in
some functions everything works fine.

I ran the function in the gui client and the field displays
as asterisks!

and it works. Did it in the logon routine and
system seems ok now. I've searched and the value
is not being set and left to persist by our app.

Just wondered before I report it to support
if anyone else has had this?


07 May 2003 - 07:25 AM

Anyone aware of any issues with this - especially on VMS?

non-translatable vms error code

11 April 2003 - 02:11 PM


With p4 v5 or v5.5 on VMS 7.3 I get this message

non-translatable vms error code: 0x186D4

It does not appear to stop anything working
and it gets issued as soon as my command
file issues the command to actually run pro.

Any ideas?