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In Topic: Invalid Data Type for SQL

16 June 2003 - 12:23 PM


This message now appears if a file def has changed and you have not regened all the functions using it.

If a global function access the same file(s) as the calling function and the global function has not been genned after a file change PROIV sometimes gave a Thread Exception, since the new SQL Layer this message now appers.


In Topic: ProIV & Oracle on different servers

12 October 2001 - 08:46 AM

We are using ProIV version 5.0 revision 1.0.0 and Oracle 8.1.6.

I believe that ProIV and Oracle are compatible as this all works when we do a full install of Oracle. It seems that the file libaurora.a is installed as part of the Oracle Server install but not as part of the client or custom installs.

Do you know if this only works when the Oracle Server is installed or should it work when only the Oracle Client (ie., Net8 and OCI) is installed.

In Topic: ProIV & Oracle on different servers

11 October 2001 - 02:25 PM


Thanks for the reply. At the moment we have completed a custom install of Oracle and selected Net8 Client, SQLPlus, and Oracle Call Interface (OCI). When we then try to install ProIV with the Oracle option we get a message that the installer can't find the file '$ORACLE_HOME/lib/libaurora.a' and the installation will fail. I have compared the '$ORACLE_HOME/lib' directory between this server and the one running the Oracle server and there are only about half the number of files.

The only way I can get this file onto the ProIV server is to install the Oracle Server software and ideally we don't want this installed on both machines.