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03 September 2003 - 09:07 AM


Just wondered if anyone had come accross this one .....

We've removed the maitenance of a table to an Oracle view, so we have our PRO-IV file definition linking to it via the alternate file name. E.g.

File: FILE1
Alternate: FILE1_V

Where FILE1_V is the view.

In the selection logic within a function, if we do a
SELECT FROM FILE1 WHERE (conditions) etc it will merrily retrieve all the records from the view,

but SELECT F.* FROM FILE1 F, FILE2 X (join statements) (conditions) etc etc

you get

366 - SQL ERROR:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

We know how to fix it (just reference the alternate file name (FILE1_V) in the embedded SQL) but just thought I'd share it with the PRO-IV Massive :)

PRO-IV Version: 5.0000 Release 1.0.9


16 July 2003 - 06:17 AM


Wondered whether anyone had come across the following scenario .........

Simple paging screen (Green screen app), global selection window on one of the columns - Select a value from the window, window closes, but without entering return, use the down arrow to go the next record within the paging screen. Seems that the write is not issued on the record. :eek:

Trying the same test and typing a value in (ie. not using the selection window), hitting the down arrow and all seems to be fine! :-"

Tried multiple global windows (ending with the same problem), multiple locations of the column within the paging screen (e.g. not the last input field etc).

Hmmm ......another undocumented feature to be aware of? ;-)



Version details:

PRO-IV 5.0000 1.0.9


28 March 2003 - 08:15 AM

G'day !

I haven't investigated this fully, but I have the situation where I need to pass a transparent PRO-IV call some parameters, and one of the parameters may include spaces.

For example,

pro {OPR} {COMP DIV} {PARM1} {PARM2}.... {PARMn}

when issuing

pro {OPR} {COMP DIV} "1234{space}5678"

the XFERIN statement receives 1234

I tried "'1234 5678'" (double quote/single quote etc), and vice versa - but still no joy

The manual states with regard to parameters "They can be a fixed length, and should have any filling of blanks to the right." so doesn't look good for spaces !!

We have a workaround to resolve the issue, but just wondered if anyone else had come accross this?



Global Function Regen

13 March 2003 - 12:43 PM


I've got a utility that allows multiple file specification and will create a list of functions in DCTF that contain any of the listed files ready for a global reset from @GENFUN etc. (useful when adding columns to a table and any aliases etc). B)

I can't remember what the flag is, but after linking to the gen list, I have to break out and go back in to start the regen queue. Otherwise, the list doesn't start and thinks it's finished

Anyone know what bootstrap file/flag needs updating to start the regen list properly? :)



Expand/Contract Defaulting

12 November 2002 - 04:24 AM

Is it possible to set the default expand/contract mode to expanded upon initial display of a paging screen in change mode? (i.e. I know you can do it for add mode)

I still want the users to have the contract functionality available, but under some circumstances want all information displayed straight away.

Thanks in advance