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PROIV 5.5 virtualized, getting data errors

29 November 2012 - 03:44 PM

Firstly, I know next to nothing about PROIV. I very humbly request that any explanations and help given be written as though you are speaking to a 5 year old (well at least when it comes to the PROIV stuff). I'm a sysadmin with a managed IT company and we do some work for a small power equipment shop. They recent moved off of using PROIV 5.5 to a complete new system and a new server, the new system is called Point-of-Rental but that information isn't really necessary.

We decided to keep the old server that was hosting PROIV on the network so that they could access it still to reconcile any accounting or old information they needed, and of course a week ago the box completely took a crap. Motherboard is dead. In the interest that they only need access to it for a few weeks or months, I decided the best course of action was to virtualize the old HDD, trying to recreate it as exactly as possible with the data so that, in theory, all the client connections would just work and all would be well.

The good news is, I successfully imaged the C drive and the secondary storage drive where some of the PROIV folders were shared from (pro4data, p4draw). The images were imported into a virtual machine running on the newer server. Everything is exactly as it was as far as the server is concerned. Got my hopes up, went to open PROIV and was greeted with "Data File Check in Progress" - logins are disabled until the data check has finished. I'll list out all the messages in hopes of getting some insight. Again, I am not well versed in the slightest in this program, so please elaborate Posted Image

00001 ischk errors
00002 -------------------
00003 Last Run: Thu Nov 29 01:0015 2012
00004 E:\PRO4DATA\inwrk1.pro:
00005 Unallocated page: Page 0x481
00006 Unallocated page: Page0xdf4
00007 E:\PRO4DATA\rspfk3.pro:
00008 Unallocated page: Page 0x163
00010 PageSize Errors
00011 ------------------------
00012 Last Run: Thu Nov 29 01:00:15 2012
00013 E:\PRO4DATA : E:\PRO4DATA\glgl.pro: Near max (10041Kb left)
00014 E:\PRO4DATA\tmpdir : E:\PRO4DATA \tmpdir\rspo20f.pro: Near max (0Kb left)
00015 E:\PRO4DATA\tmpdir : E:\PRO4DATA \tmpdir\rspo20i.pro: Near max (17847Kb left)

I cannot get passed this, the only thing I can do is hit Discard changes and exit which opens up the "/ To Continue" box and then after entering "/" the program window closes out.

So sorry for the super long post, any help will be amazingly appreciated!