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In Topic: Calling a p4task from Window CE

04 December 2012 - 11:34 PM

Hi Wim,

I copy over the p4task.exe from the NT server to the windows CE device and it doesn't recognised the p4task. If I want to install p4task in window CE, how should I go about it?

In Topic: Calling a p4task from Window CE

04 December 2012 - 02:00 AM

Hi Lewis,

I'm not using Windows CE to run on Pro-IV. The pro-iv is running on the Window NT server. The reason to use P4task is to allow an external program to execute the function in Pro-IV. This external program happened to be sitted on Windows CE in a barcode scanner. Maybe I put my question in another way. How to trigger a p4task which is in Window NT server from a Handheld device?

In Topic: Calling a p4task from Window CE

03 December 2012 - 02:33 AM

Hi Steve,

Window CE is an operating system that can be use in a handheld device for eg: bar code scanner. The idea for this solution is to scan the barcode and pass in the item and quantity as a parameter to a function in pro-iv

for procesing which is sitting on the server. I'm using p4task to accomplish this.

In Topic: Pro IV Bus and Task Error

30 November 2012 - 07:56 AM

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your help. I have no control of upgrading to higher version. After much testing I found out that it is not the security issue because I have mark the USERNAME_VALIDATE=N. It is because I'm using the lower version p4api.dll from system32. After I replace with the higher version it work fine now.

In Topic: Pro IV Bus and Task Error

29 November 2012 - 03:15 AM


I'm using Pro-Iv Version 4.6, revision 5.6.6

I'm trying to use bus&task to call the pro-iv task function. But have encounter this problem similar with Mr. Sabu.
C:\WINDOWS\system32>P4TASK.EXE /task:MIS-NB-NB1:5435:TK_X_TEST /params:START=01,END=05,, /user:xxx:xxx /env:ENV_BUS /oper:TSK:TSK /codiv:MDC
recvReplyHeader: sockRecv error, len -1, data bc 8e 8c
last WIN32 error 2 / winsock error 2: Unknown
recvReplyReqInfoBlock: sockRecv error, len -1, data 42 00 00
last WIN32 error -2 / winsock error -2: Unknown
p4OpenPro4: recv Reply failed
last WIN32 error -2 / winsock error -2: Unknown
p4OpenPro4 failed: Last Error 30, StatusCode 30, FailReason 97, SubError 97

If I am using port 5432 it will give this error as below :

last WIN32 error 10061 / winsock error 10061: Connection refused
P4OpenPro4: sockOpen to bus daemon failed
No error
P4OpenPro4 failed: Last Error 1, StatusCode 1, FailREason 97, SubError 97

Please help.

Anthony Lim