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Postgres date error

11 February 2013 - 05:30 PM

Does anybody have Postgres 9.1 working on Red Hat 6.3 using Pro-IV 7.1?

I am experiencing numeric conversion errors (040) when trying to read a date value into a numeric field from Postgres, writing it works fine.
As a test I changed the file variable to an alphanumeric in Pro-IV and found it returned non-displayable/control/funny characters followed by spaces.

E.g. I changed GA_NUMDATEGEN to an alphanumeric type and put the following code in after read:
    + "GA_NUMDATEGEN[" + GA_NUMDATEGEN + "]",-1)

causes the following to be displayed:

Note, no ending bracket above.

1 ORD=

2 (3 to 8 produces the same)
2 ORD=32

We contacted support and from their suggestions are testing different ODBC driver combinations, but I was wondering if someone here might have some insights.

Here is our test environment:
  • Linux: 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64
  • Pro-IV
  • unixODBC: 2.2.14
The test file definition:
  • GA_KEY
  • Type = AK
  • Length = 8
  • Ext. Format = ALPHA
  • Type = N
  • Length = 5
  • Ext. Format = DATE
  • Nullable = true.
The SQL script:

create table GA_TEST

GA_KEY char(8) not null default ''
create unique index IND_GA_TEST on GA_TEST(

Webclient lag

06 August 2003 - 02:58 PM

Anybody had this problem where a WebClient connection over the Internet seems to lag the longer its been set up?

We’ve added a PROIV service to the WebClient and could at first connect to it at the same speed (about) as we get on our internal connection, but with time connecting to it seems to take longer every time until it is now about a minute before we get the main menu.

Recently we added another PROIV service to WebClient connecting to a different box and found that it took about 3 seconds to load the main menu. We achieved this speed for about 2 weeks until it also started to lag more until it also went down to a minute.

We had SSL enabled, but disabled it while we’re trying to solve the lag problem.

We’ve tested our internal network connections over WebClient and found no lagging there, also our IIS connections is OK.

Anybody got any suggestions?

WebClient connection over internet

23 August 2002 - 09:27 AM

Does anybody know how to set up WebClient so you can connect to it via the internet. We're getting 'Connection Refused' when trying, so I'm geussing the settings on the IIS side is being set up wrong (Pointing to the services.html file).
Our (totaly useless) service provider people says the port is open and the IIS is working so the WebClient Service must be buggy - I think they're incompetent.

Internally it is working like a dream!

I've been trough the documentation, and I've got 2hours to get this working with no help comming from our service provider or network administrator, so ANY help will be much appreciated.


XML output

19 February 2002 - 07:30 AM

In ProIV ver 5’s documentation it says I only have to set the OUTFMT=X flag in $SYSDEF, $SPOOL or @RPTOPT to enable XML output in my reports. I can’t get this to work! Can somebody please tell my how this work? I’m not even sure I’m setting the flag at the correct place.




05 September 2001 - 11:37 AM

I'm in desperate need for anybody who can help me with this problem.
We've just converted a client from ISAM to SQL 7. Afterwards we had a problem with multikeyed files being auto-seq and SQL 7, which ProIV support solved with a patch.

After working fine for a day, some clients got an error writing to a file, while others had no problems.

Before we could start working on the problem we started to fail accessing the client's main menu. It comes up with the error: '001 - INVALID FUNCTION NAME - %1'. (There is no %1 function.) Thus far we've gathered that it only happen in functions where a (SQL) file is being accessed. In the ProIV Service Manager the process stays open with the message 'SQL CALL IN PROGRESS'. There is also another unknown process hanging here with the same message but we're unable to kill it. I don't know if this hanged function is causing our problem as I'm not allowed to reboot the server to kill the process.

If anybody got any help they can give me on this error it will be much appreciated - you can write it off as your good deed for the day.

I'm also waiting for ProIV support to come back to me on this problem.