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In Topic: V5 /bin/sh workaround on Fedora

12 October 2009 - 03:29 PM

Essentially that's how I got PRO-IV to use the correct libraries to execute, but /bin/sh (and /bin/bash) also use libm.so.6 and libc.so.6 which for PRO-IV must be a symlink to libm-2.25.so and libc-2.2.5.so but for all of the Fedora programs it must be a symlink to libm-2.9.so and libc-2.9.so currently. By setting up a separate legacy library path and prefixing $LD_LIBRARY_PATH with the path to the legacy library files proiv executes fine, and other applications like lpr, lp, etc. can also be in that path or wrappers built in that path. This does not work however with sh since /bin/sh is specifically called instead of just searching the path for sh (which would execute the sh that is in the legacy library and bin path I have set up and would work perfectly).

I was actually able to write a wrapper around /bin/sh that called the correct legacy sh (and used the correct legacy libraries) if the right environment variable was set and called /bin/bash if not. By all tests that was working great until a reboot was attempted and unless /bin/sh is a direct symlink to /bin/bash Fedora will not boot, and in fact won't even allow a second screen or remote login either so I had to boot to a live cd, mount the root file system, fix the symlink for /bin/sh and then reboot to get the system running again.

I realize this is much more of a linux and operating system issue then a PRO-IV issue, I was just hoping that somebody else had wanted to move V5 to a newer operating system and had previously worked through some of these issues. Those that are still running V5 (from Rob's poll I see that the majority of people are still on V5), what linux distributions and versions are you using?

JC Jones

In Topic: SEL-XXXX problem

10 July 2008 - 09:32 PM

Why are you adding blanks in front of IM.ITREF? Is it LFB (right justified)?

Yes, IM.ITREF is LFB and a length of 7, the particular type of record we are looking for has the Invoice Number in the IM.ITREF field and the Invoice Number is only between 1 and 6 characters.

I know that this function *should* work, and when testing the 3rd LU to make sure it isn't a problem with it somehow by using a completely different file with 4 keys, it will read correctly. The 3rd LU simply doesn't select anything to read unless all 4 keys are assigned before the SEL-ONLY. One of the strangest thing I've come across with PROIV yet.

Also, there are not any other functions anywhere in our system that I can find that access the IM.HIST file without using all 4 keys. I was hoping that somebody would see something that I'm missing as to why this problem is occuring.

JC Jones

In Topic: SEL-XXXX problem

10 July 2008 - 06:09 PM

One-time flag?...

Thanks for the quick reply :x:

I thought maybe I had a "Duh!" moment, and actually had to check...

Anyway, the One-time flag is set to "N". Attached is the documentation for the function, it's a really simple function and we've put an additional SEL-ONLY on the first file for debugging so we are only looking for information on a single record (which has several records on the 2nd LU and also several records on the 3rd LU).

JC Jones