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15 August 2007 - 04:04 AM

Hi guys (My first post)
I hope this bumps it to the top.

My post is related to this...but its a little more complex (isnt it always?)

We have a custom rollback screen that is called in the event of a rollback. As part of the functionality for this, an email/SMS is sent to notify the relevant people that something bad has happened. Unfortunately, a Message box informing the "user" of an error is popped up, and the rollback screen is not executed (and therefore notifications not sent) until ok is pressed.

The info in this post helped immensely. By setting &#@ERR-CONT the message box is avoided (though I had to also disable &#@RTCONT in Logic In of my Rollback screen).

The problem I have now, is that this also disables all (legitimate) MSG and GMSG calls. We also have an issue (as posted here) with Div0 (or other) errors being suppressed. If we suppress this behaviour, then we have no way of knowing it even occurred, as non critical (such as Div0) errors just continue processing. Certainly we need to provide appropriate validation in the code, but this is a legacy system with thousands of references to each of these...so not all that practical.

Ideally, what I would like to achieve is that on any critical error (eg SQL Error) control is transferred to our rollback screen; and for any warning (eg Div0) the event is logged or a notification sent.

We are running kernel 55r517 on Redhat Linux EL3 using (windows) ProIV client over Telnet.

I hope that is sufficient information.

Thanks in advance for any advice